Adrenaline Archives: Raw Footage from Midwest’s Unsanctioned “Americruise”

Unsanctioned Street racing is one of the most exciting illicit activities on Earth! Owners of cars of all types find law-abiding behavior a bit tough to comply with. Drivers of models such as 4-cylinder sporty new cars to the glorious muscle models of the early ‘70s just can’t resist. Our raw footage from Midwest’s unsanctioned “Americruise” event was a blast to capture! 

Raw Footage from Midwest’s Unsanctioned “Americruise”

O Street in Lincoln, Nebraska is a classic example of a mostly unchanged and All-American landscape. I remember hearing muscle cars, Kawasaki Ninja bikes, and Corvettes racing on the east end of this street for decades. This is a city where the football team reigns supreme, and even the most wholesome of drivers love the allure of the throttle. “Americruise” came about as an unsanctioned event with the anchor of Speedway Motors“Cars and Coffee” happening during the same weekend. 

Underground Uproar: Day One’s Thrilling Kickoff

During the first night’s “Americruise” excitement, rain was scheduled to move in around ten p.m. Police Presence was heavy at the event, due to unfortunate deaths that had taken place two years ago. A few very wicked Impalas and other late 1960s models set the night off with a bang. 

A few late 1970s FIrebird’s were a highly entertaining sighting, with a maroon hard-top ‘77-’79 model sounding as if it was equipped with the 5.0-liter V8. We had not spotted any vehicles engaged in recklessly peeling out yet, but we were on track too soon! Police SUVs were everywhere, but were still fairly mellow considering the amount of reckless driving taking place.

Monte Carlo Muscle: Classic Power Hits the Streets

As the cars began piling up to strut their stuff on the East edge of O Street, the line in que tripled! We caught what appeared to be an impeccable 1971 or 1972 Yellow Monte Carlo edging its way in. Spectators on the side of the road became more hyped as the engines roared! 

Motorcycles still do get in on the Americruise action, even though they are not spotted as frequently. We then spotted what appeared to be a pair of very sweet Suzukis riding wheelies side by side. This kind of activity definitely can catch the men and women in blue’s attention! While we personally admired the muscle cars the most, this stunt was an outright thrill to witness.

Burning Rubber: Vette Steals the Show on Day Two

The first night’s activities had shut down quickly due to sudden rain at the ¾ mark! We situated ourselves at the same place on the road for a second night of amazing car sightings. The weather was guaranteed to be clear and a comfortable 80 degrees. Our first video capture of the evening was a Black Corvette that peeled out feverishly!

The Corvette was likely the car we spotted most frequently during our adventure. We saw Stingrays, mid-2000s models, and the mid-engined C8 all vying for pavement time. This black Vette’s driver did a great job of maintaining a straight line with all his speed. We were then able to catch a slow-moving black post 2014-Dodge Challenger, as it was another favorite seen in high numbers. 

Unyielding Force: Trucks Thunder Through with Relentless Power

The Ram Line, F150s, and Silverado camps are all known for hauling, towing, and other tough jobs. Along with the Tundras of today that are excellent in challenging terrain, they are still fair game for unsanctioned speed sessions. Here is a clip of what looks like a stealth black Ram peeling out a bit, and getting in on the action.

This second truck appeared to be a modified GMC Sierra, sporting some very cool underneath LED lighting and unique swagger. While onlookers may have not appreciated the trucks quite as much as the muscle cars, they still remain popular here in Nebraska. Downright crazy models such as the Ram 1500 Rebel give many gearheads an opportunity for prime weekend cruising. 

Throwback Groovy Thrills: Vintage VW Vibes at Americruise

This nice lucent blue VW bus surprised us when it rolled by, and was still a great addition to the mix. This was an ideal contrast when up against scorching muscle and motorcycles and added the “accessible and Woodstock-ready” vibe.

Models like this are actually getting harder and harder to spot here in the Midwest! Since Lincoln is a teeming college town, a large collective of folks were interested in proudly owning and preserving one.

Wrapping Up a Wild and Warrior-Like Weekend:

It was evident that the people of Lincoln had gone all-out in preparation for Americruise! We even saw a few beat-up gems like Grand Cherokees with the doors ripped off and wild revelers hanging out of them. There were also many Mustangs out on the prowl, as well as late-model Camaros. Risking a citation was commonplace for many of these drivers, who didn’t seem too worried about their stance. Does your hometown have unhinged events like this? Let us know in the comments below, or check out another article about excellent classic cars to add to your wishlist.

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