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5 Rumored But Incredible Cars We Want On Roadways

The automotive world is always abuzz with rumors and speculation about jaw-dropping new models that have enthusiasts ravenous with desire. While we have to take these whispers with a grain of salt, there’s no denying some of these rumored cars sound too incredible not to hope they become reality. Here are 5 rumored but incredible cars we’re dying to see hit the streets.

Incredible Cars Potentially Headed for Showrooms

Toyota Supra Convertible

Ever since Toyota amazingly revived the iconic Supra nameplate with the new A90 generation, gearheads have been clamoring for an open-air version. Industry rumblings indicate that a droptop Supra is being seriously considered, potentially packing the same ferocious turbocharged 3.0L inline-six cranking out 382 hp. A Supra Convertible with wind-in-your-hair thrills and an available manual transmission? Take our money now, Toyota!

Nissan 400Z Nismo

The recently revealed Nissan Z is already an absolute gem of an affordable sports car. But rumor has it Nissan is developing an even higher performance Nismo variant that will be a bona fide speedster. Expected upgrades include turbocharging the 3.0L V6 for over 400 hp, an advanced all-wheel drive system, track-focused aerodynamics and suspension tuning, and much more. A 400Z Nismo could be the white whale of the sports car world.

Mid-Engine Corvette Grand Sport

For decades, rumors of a mid-engine Corvette persisted until Chevy finally granted those wishes with the current C8 generation. Now the rumor mill is churning about an even higher performance Grand Sport version with a high-revving 5.5L flat-plane crank V8 making over 600 ferocious horses. If Chevy can pull it off for under $100k, the new Grand Sport could give even exotic supercars night terrors.

Cadillac Celestiq Ultra-Luxury Flagship Sedan

We know Cadillac is working on something big and luxurious called the Celestiq. But the exact details are still murky beyond rumors of hand-built exclusivity, cutting-edge technology, and six-figure pricing. Some suggest the Celestiq will essentially be an American ultra-luxury value-priced rival to the likes of Bentley and Rolls-Royce. If those lofty whispers prove even remotely true, auto fans should be very, very excited.

Tesla Robotaxi Autonomous EV

While tech entrepreneur Elon Musk’s claims often feel like vaporware, his teased aspirations for an autonomous Tesla Robotaxi shuttle service certainly grab your attention. The idea is to field a fully self-driving fleet of specialized Tesla EVs, summoned by an Uber-like app to offer low-cost automated ridesharing at massive scale. Musk has hinted at wild spec possibilities like runway-capable vertical takeoff and landing. It sounds unbelievable…but if he somehow pulls it off, the Robotaxi could disrupt entire industries.

incredible cars

Drawing inspiration from their iconic predecessors, these incredible cars offer an enduring legacy

Of course, not all rumored cars see the light of day. But these 5 incredible vehicles have certainly piqued our interest enough to hope they somehow become a reality that combustion-enthusiasts and EV-fans alike could drool over. Time will tell which whispers turn into shockingly awesome production cars.

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