Best Headlights for Hondas

When it comes to finding the best and brightest honda headlights, we’ve got you covered. Our picks rank top in brightness, longevity, and performance. 

The Best Headlights You Can Get For Your Honda

It’s no joke – a great pair of headlights can make the difference between life and death in low-light conditions. When you’re driving at night (or in fog, smoke, etc), high quality headlights help you navigate the road ahead and keep you and your passengers safe.

When it comes to the best car headlights for your Honda, you obviously want to find a quality option with the best performance. But as you begin your Honda headlights search, there are a few factors you should keep in mind.

Headlight Bulb Color

Car headlights come in a variety of color temperatures and shades. Typically, the brighter  and whiter the bulb, the larger the price tag you’re going to be looking at – so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that brighter doesn’t always equal better, especially for other drivers on the road. Having too bright headlights can actually reduce other’s visibility, turning your car into a moving safety hazard.

Additionally, due to the extra intensity needed to keep them at a bright white, the brightest halogen bulbs tend to burn out and need to be replaced more often than other bulbs.

Headlight Performance Vs. Longevity

Honda is known for being one of the most reliable car brands out there, so if you want to keep in the Honda spirit, you should consider opting for headlights that offer the same level of longevity.

However, if you want your Honda to have bright white lights but don’t necessarily want to make the switch to LED or HID, just know you’ll probably have to replace your bulbs more often.

Now that we’ve given you a few key pointers when it comes to headlights, let’s talk about the best car headlights for your Honda. Each of these top picks were chosen based on user reviews from Honda drivers across the country. Keep reading for the best headlights you can get for your Honda.

Sylvania SilverStar Ultra

The SilverStar Ultras are a great all-around pick for Honda headlights. One of Sylvania’s top offerings, these bulbs provide the most downroad visibility and clarity for optimized nighttime vision. Rated well both in reliability and in design, the SilverStar Ultra bulbs makes driving in low-light conditions safer – and provides the bright white look auto-enthusiasts love.

Piaa Xtreme White Plus

Although you’ll be paying a little more for them, with the PIAA Xtreme bulbs being rated by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) as well as the DOT (Department of Transportation), you’ll be able to get that prized, clean white light without having to worry about overstepping your wattage boundary.

Sylvania XtraVision

Marked by their superior performance, the XtraVisions are by far the most affordable pick on this list. Along with a great standard of quality, you’ll also get a dependable pair of headlights for your honda you can count on.

Here’s a stellar review from Jeff K:

“I’ve experimented with every aftermarket halogen headlight bulb replacement available for years. From Silverstars to the latest import halogen bulbs from Asia, and these Sylvania XtraVision bulbs give you the best light output of any halogen bulb on the market. If you want the best lighting at night without upgrading to an actual LED or HID conversion, get these XtraVision bulbs.”

Piaa Super Plasma GT-X

One of the most well-reviewed on various Honda driver forums, the Piaa Super Plasma GT-X aren’t necessarily for everyone, given their purple tint. But, with their unique twin beam design, they offer a great performance.

No matter what headlights or headlight bulbs you choose, it’s important to keep safety at the forefront of your buying decisions. With that in mind, we hope this Honda headlights guide help you pick the right options for your car. If you want to explore inventory and learn more, our sister company Headlights Depot has tons of awesome headlights options for your Honda!

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