Best Off-Road Light Bars for Trucks & SUVs

Best Off-Road Light Bars for Trucks & SUVs

Have you finally committed to the idea of lifting your pickup truck or SUV? If you’re gearing up for a bold new style and rugged capability to take on the off-road trails, there’s an elemental factor missing from your vehicle that’s important to have when adventuring in the dark. Customizing your truck or sport utility vehicle is a blast, especially when finding affordable DIY truck components that you can buy headlights online and install from your home garage.

If you’ve always wanted additional brightness for your nighttime tailgate party, or when trekking off-road at night, adding an LED light bar does wonders for your custom vehicle. If you’re curious about why you should add a light bar to your SUV or truck, here are the benefits to look forward to along with a list of the top LED light bars for lifted trucks.

How you can benefit from a truck light bar

Why should you purchase a light bar to slap across the front of your truck or SUV? There are a handful of ways more directional light benefits your nighttime travels, and if you’re already driving a lifted pickup truck or SUV, more than likely you love hitting the off-road trails in search of secluded hunting and fishing locales. Here’s how having an LED light bar comes in handy.

If you’re keeping the stock halogen headlights on your truck or SUV and planning on hitting the trails at night time, you may not have the best visibility in the dark when traveling the 4X4 tracks. LED lights offer enhanced vision with more brightness and illumination.

When you place a strip across the top of your truck, or just above your front bumper, you amplify your vision through the dark tenfold. It’s mandatory that you maintain clear visibility when driving the trails at night because it’s fairly easy to total your truck if you end up striking an unseen boulder or a downed tree.

Not only do LED light bars assist in navigating through thick-wooded trails, but they are a necessity at the campsite. If you are an angler or hunter, and require more light in the dark to fillet fish or dress the recent deer caught, LED brightness gives you all the confidence you need when preparing dinner.

Whether you’re tailgating on the night of the big football game and want to light up the parking lot and beer cooler headquarters, or you wish to set a well-lit perimeter around your established campsite, you’ll be amazed at the power output some of the top truck light bars have. Let’s go over the top five LED truck light bars.

Top 5 truck light bars

Your truck or SUV deserves a clean style and fit when it comes to lighting. Here’s our lineup of five popular LED light bars for off-road trucks and SUVs.

1. Nilight 18005C-A 1PC 26-inch Triple Row Lights Flood Spot Combo Beam

If you’re on a tight budget for your truck customization project, the Nilight 18005C-A 26-inch light bar offers the essential brightness for small to midsize pickup trucks and SUVs. The die-cast aluminum alloy housing is water-resistant and the adjustable mounting bracket enables you to position the light bar to your preferred direction.

With 30,000-hour lifespan and flood, intense and high-density modes, this aftermarket light bar is simple to install and less than one-hundred bucks. Nilight also has a 20-inch and a 32-inch version.

2. Rigidhorse 32-inch LED light Bar Single Row

Affordable, sleek, and plenty bright. The Rigidhorse 32-inch LED bar blasts a 6,000k color temp with 30,000 Lumens. Constructed inside a black-painted aluminum alloy housing with an IP67 waterproof rate. If one bulb row is all you need for your nighttime adventures, this LED bar is plenty durable and bright. It’s also dustproof and shockproof for your all-terrain travels.

3. Autofeel 22-inch Three Color LED Light Bar

An excellent choice for Jeep Wranglers or pickup trucks, this five-row LED beam promotes 19,000 lumens with a 6000k cool white color. A great LED bar for your next off-road journey or when driving through thick fog and snowy weather when no other vehicles are around, plus, the Autofeel 22-inch light bar is dustproof and waterproof and holds a lifespan of 50,000 hours. With the provided ring brackets, this LED attachment is easy to install to your front bumper or roof rack.

4. Northpole 20-inch 126W Waterproof Spot Flood Combo LED Light Bar

This durable low-power LED light bar provides two rows of bulbs that emanate 6000k cool white color and has an eco-friendly, lifespan of 30,000 hours. The Northpole light bar is an affordable buy for truck and SUV owners and from its shatter-proof lenses, black aluminum housing, to the stainless steel adjustable mounting brackets, this is an easy-to-install LED light bar even for the most novice truck enthusiasts.

Great for late-night drives on the highway, or your backwoods excursions, this affordable light bar adds the style and clarity most seek in an aftermarket light.

5. Auxbeam 20-inch LED light Bar 126W

Want to install a compact LED light bar on your truck? The 20-inch Auxbeam LED light bar enhances your nighttime visibility with 126 watts and dual rows of protected LED bulbs that offer 12,600 lumens which give drivers a broadened view of what’s ahead.

If you want a small LED light bar for your truck, a 12-inch bar is available as a grille attachment, or you can install it on the top of your cabin if you want a rear light overlooking the truck bed. Great for night time trailering or when you need an extra backlight for your camping needs.

Order custom headlights and parts right to your door

You can purchase the essential components to all your headlight and tail light needs online, and rest assured that these days installing lights on your truck is a breeze. If your truck needs replacement headlights or tail lights, explore the options available to your vehicle’s year, make, and model, and place an order with confidence.

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    1. you can never have enough lighting on your off-road truck! great article!

    2. I love when people drive with these on when driving on public roads

    3. Lifted trucks with added light sources can be a great advantage on dark roads for sure. But, I think it is important to be mindful of other drivers if you live in a larger city and do mostly highway driving. Lifted trucks with additional bright lights can be a deterrent for oncoming traffic or even driving behind other vehicles. A huge part of driving is being considerate of others. One driver having better visibility or cool looking lights should not take away from another’s safety.

    4. Light bars are a super cool upgrade. They come in handy for when we are at our property in the woods.

    5. Never thought of the light bars to help in addition to your headlights. As long as they are driving in the forest or in the dark roads of the country they are great, but in regular night time city traffic totally unnecessary and too bright!

    6. I love the LED light bars. They are a great addition for off-road driving, If I had a truck I would definitely have one.

    7. LED light bars are sweet. It’s all about not “outrunning” your light.

    8. LED light bars are most useful when mounted and positioned correctly. One of the best things to do is mount these lights in a few different places as well. If you mount the light(s) facing backwards, then you can have more light while towing a trailer and reversing. Anywhere more light can help, you could mount a light bar.

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