Easy Upgrades to Increase your Car’s Value Before Selling

Easy Upgrades to Increase your Car’s Value Before Selling

Before you sign over the title to your car, make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Take a look at your vehicle and access what changes could be made. The simplest upgrades could increase your price tag – and in return, put more money in your pocket.

There are useful tips for upgrading your vehicle that won’t break the bank. You might be thinking, “why would I upgrade my car just to sell it?”. Resale is a great time to enhance your car value at a low cost. These upgrades are not over-the-top but definitely worth the investment – plus they won’t take long to fix.

The following will disclose useful tips for upgrading your vehicle before selling– including helpful insight on how to become a savvy seller.

New tires

A set of tires can last up to six years, but their durability depends on the use and upkeep of the driver. Worn or balding tires can severely impact your vehicles’ performance – as well as its resale value. Most buyers will be interested in knowing how old your tires are and what shape they are in.

Putting new tires on your vehicle is worth the investment. In one hour, you can have brand new tires that improve the functionality of your car along with its resale value. This easy upgrade will intrigue potential buyers who are focused on safety and dependability. The cost of new tires can vary, but the shiny new wheels are far worth it.

Cosmetic repairs

Cosmetic damages include paint scratches, dings, and dented bumpers. These are the repairs that you didn’t pay close attention to but are now worth mending. By fixing these cosmetic repairs, you are securing top dollar for your car. Every buyer wants their car to look brand new – so it is a win/win investment for your resale value.

Tackling cosmetic damages is an economical option for sellers. It is an easy way to improve the appearance of your vehicle, especially if it’s an older model. These upgrades can cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000, depending on the damage and level of expertise needed. As an added bonus, buyers are sure to notice your vehicles’ flawless complexion.

Headlight replacements

Headlights are one of the easiest and most practical ways to elevate your vehicles’ appearance, safety, and performance. By replacing your headlights, you modernize the look of your vehicle – making a used car appear newer and well maintained. New headlights will also improve the efficiency of your vehicle, especially if you upgrade to LED or HID bulbs.

As a savvy seller, you should become informed on choosing the right headlight set for your car. There are multiple options available, so you want to make the right choice. Keep in mind, the cost of your headlight replacement relies greatly on the make and model of your vehicle.

Car Detailing

This may seem like an obvious upgrade, but it shouldn’t be ignored. Having your car detailed prior to selling will bring major cosmetic appeal to potential buyers. Basic detailing will give your vehicle a fresh look, while demonstrating that you know how to retain your car’s value.

On average, basic car detailing can cost anywhere from $50-$150, depending on the size of your vehicle. Detailing includes exterior washing, waxing, and deep cleaning throughout your car. More specific upgrades, like carpet and engine cleaning, will also get your car ready for resale.

Investing the right way

These useful tips for upgrading your vehicle are the best way to boost your car value. As the seller, you want to stay mindful of the must-have features and stay away from pricey upgrades. Adding features like leather interiors or navigation systems may appeal to a certain group of consumers, but not all. Once you decide to sell, you must detach yourself from the car and think: what upgrades will all buyers enjoy?

For this reason, it is recommended to make basic improvements that won’t detract from your car value. You want to invest in modifications that have universal appeal – and won’t limit you from achieving top dollar for your car. It is imperative to invest the right way, so you can make the best deal – and in return, become a savvy seller.

Time to make a deal

Whether you fix those cosmetic repairs or upgrade to a new set of headlights, these upgrades are guaranteed to make an impact on your transaction. More buyers will be interested in your vehicle if it includes updated touches and fewer repairs. It’s as easy as giving your car a good wash and some minor improvements.

Making easy upgrades to increase your car value is a smart choice. Since you will likely be looking for a new vehicle, having the extra funds will help ease the burden of your next purchase. All sellers are sure to appreciate the added bonus and a successful sale.

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    1. It’s always best to maximize what you can get out of something you are selling.

    2. A nice detail, new headlights, and tires are definitely the three top things in my opinion. A vehicle that looks to be in great shape has the “parking lot” appeal a buyer may be looking for, even if it is an older car with higher milage. At the end of the day, a lot of car buyers go by what they can see.

    3. Do small things like fixing minor dings and adding new headlights and tires will give your car such an updated look. If this is not something that is kept up for the duration that you have your vehicle it may be a bit more expensive to do all at the same time but it will be worth it to get a few extra bucks when you sell it.

    4. If you have any parts you have not installed on your vehicle, then install them before you sell. If you were going to replace something, then add it to the list when you go to sell the vehicle. Provide any receipts of when you purchased or installed parts. There is no need to splurge when replacing items on the car before you sell it. Use basic replacement parts, so everything works correctly when you show the vehicle to the customer. Don’t worry about buying premium tires, just something that is designed for the vehicle and has decent performance. When selling, you are trying to eliminate any negative from the potential buyer. If everything works and all the wear items are in good shape, then you can stand firm on the price of your car. Also, knowing you have done all of these things makes you confident in the price you set. If a buyer tries to reduce the value of your vehicle then don’t listen to that nonsense. You know you have a great vehicle for the right buyer.

    5. It’s very true that simple things like new tires and new headlights while not costing a fortune to replace will greatly enhance the value of your car or truck.

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