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Best Used Cars Under 10K

Shopping used cars under 10k? If you’re searching for affordable cars for a replacement vehicle or a car for the first-time driver in the family, our list of most affordable cars will steer you in the right direction for finding a used car that can reach high mileage while still promoting reliable performance.

Need to replace a vehicle after a car accident? Are you shopping for your son or daughter’s first car? Affordable used cars are abundant in today’s auto market but which car brands are at the top when it comes to longevity? We go over our list of the top used vehicles under $10,000 for 2020 below, so strap in and learn how you can save money on a used car!

Best Used Sedans Under 10K

  • Toyota Corolla: 

Compact and efficient on fuel, the variety of trim options for the Toyota Corolla range from basic to sporty, and finding a used Toyota under 10K with decently low numbers on the odometer is a reality for the budget-conscious car buyer. Great for the school commute or zipping around town, a used Corolla can go the distance while providing easy handling for the first-time driver.

  • Mazda3

Sporty and fun-to-drive, the Mazda3 is a five-passenger sedan that is great on gas and offers plenty of trunk space for a compact car. Whether you’re traveling the highways between college and home or making the long-distance commute to work, the Mazda3 offers a stylish appeal inside and out and provides plenty of pep with the SKYACTIV four-cylinder engine options.

  • Honda Accord

If you want an affordable compact sedan that is available with an automatic or manual transmission, expect the Honda brand and specifically the Honda Accord to reach extensive mileage numbers. The Honda Accord is an inexpensive car for young professionals and has some of the highest ratings by consumer reports. If you can get your hands on a Honda Accord with less than 100k miles for under 10 grand, you benefit tenfold.

Best Used SUVs Under 10K

  • Toyota RAV4

Interested in a zippy compact SUV great on gas and comes with all the essentials for city or suburban driving? The RAV4 is an excellent choice, and with Toyota engines holding the reputation as some of the most reliable on the road, you can look forward to easy maintenance and affordable monthly fuel expenditures when choosing a used Toyota RAV4.

  • Subaru Forester

Love Adventure? The Subaru brand is known for its amazing Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and Boxer engine, and if you’re in search for a low-price SUV that gives practical comfort and durability for your work commute and weekend camping adventures, the Subaru Forester is a wonderful sport utility vehicle to consider. Efficient with even it’s available V6 options, Subaru models are known to hit the 300 and even 400k mileage mark! If longevity is what you want most in a used SUV, test drive a Subaru Forester near you.

  • Volvo XC90

When luxury style meets practical performance, you get the Volvo XC90. If you’re in the market for a used family SUV, the XC90 delivers ample passenger space and a cargo area that can pack in a week’s worth of groceries as well as the kids’ sports equipment. Show up to the next school event in style, by choosing the classy bold look available in all Volvo XC90 trim levels.

Best Used Trucks under 10K

  • Toyota Tacoma

With a range of cabin and bed sizes, the Toyota Tacoma is great for the used truck buyer who is searching for a fuel-efficient engine that can also tow a heavy load. If you’re an active driver who loves to customize old trucks, the Tacoma does not disappoint when it comes to aftermarket truck upgrades.

  • Ford F-150

For the hard-working drivers searching for massive tow capability and phenomenal handling, the Ford F-150 is one of the most popular trucks in America. With plenty of awards and titles to its name, the Ford F-150 is available in a wide selection of trims and editions, and Ford replacement parts are some of the easiest to find and install. A great beginner truck, as well as a dependable truck for the seasoned driver who needs a workhorse, the Ford F-150 is a stand-out buy for used truck shoppers.

  • Nissan Frontier

Need a light-duty truck? Used Nissan Frontier trucks are an affordable purchase for the driver who requires the essentials of a small truck but has room to customize. The Nissan Frontier gives peppy performance atop of rugged durability. Whether you’re hitting the campgrounds or tailgating at your favorite football stadium, the Frontier is available in single, double and extended cab variations and is an excellent truck for small families or single drivers.

Need to Replace The Headlights After Buying a Used Car?

If you’ve purchased a used car and suddenly notice your low and high beam lights aren’t up to par for your travels, consider installing new bulbs or headlights! It’s of the utmost importance to have clear visibility and by upgrading to new LED or Halogen lights you can revitalize the style and practicality of your new ride. A makeover for the front of your vehicle can transform an outdated car look into a ride that appears like-new! Stay on top of remaining visible at night, while maintaining a bright and beautiful view of what’s up ahead with sharp aftermarket headlights for your used car.

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    1. Great article. Useful information to pass on as I know someone who is currently looking to purchase a used vehicle. I didn’t realize that Subaru’s can last so long with mileage.

    2. Very cool article, had no idea the Ford F-150 was such an affordable used car. Mainly because of the popularity in America i expected much higher prices.

    3. I dont agree with every vehicle on the list being the best cars however the toyota and honda have the least complications standardly. So if you dont have a big family a sedan is the best way to go. The bigger the vehicle and depending on the model may cost more than its worth to maintain always keep that in mind when it comes to choosing a vehicle. And getting more bang for your buck!

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