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Bravely Built to Roam: Inside the Upscale 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor

The 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor is one of those trucks that make diehard explorers and rig hounds overly anxious! It was billed as “Excellent overkill” by the review staff, and blows minds daily with its machismo on steroids. The 2023 model has undergone a total makeover, with a brand-new 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine which is paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission. Here, we’ll closely check things out inside the upscale 2023 Ford Ranger. 

Inside the Upscale 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor

The front is dominated by the very telltale FORD grille and a very wide front end. Standard fit off-road wheels and BF Goodrich all-terrain tires assure that things are properly up to speed and primed for the trail. There’s no doubt that the Raptor looks like something that a child who loves playing with matchbox cars in the dirt would dream up! The Carlex Design group came up with an interior scheme that thoroughly makes things pop. 

Situation Citrus: Orange-Coated Finish For the Win

This particular interior treatment boasts orange with a few nicely-placed black accents. The Autoblog auto review team thought it adds a very youthful touch, and makes this off-roading gem very premium. The center console, seats, steering wheel, and door panels are all touched-up and shine at you perfectly as you climb inside. The official press release claims that this is all-natural leather, paired with a few very nice Alcantara touches. 

The seats were completely reshaped, with a few of the necessary elements depicting the new name tying things together visually inside. This “CRX T-Rex” pickup features some very cool upgrades on the outside as well. The wheel arches, radiator guard, side steps, bumper parts, and side mirror caps all strut their stuff with Line-X coating. The roof attachment also has a very unique and athletic stance courtesy of either a carbon or Line-X look. 

The Makings of Supercar-Grade Luster With a Burly Twist:

This very cool pickup rides on brand-new 18-inch alloys characterized by a five-spoke design, and fittingly finished in black. These are then wrapped in fat tires and woven into the orange brake calipers. We almost would say that this is akin to how cool the Transformerscar models appeared during their respective movie appearances! As these appearance changes make things a bit spiky and non-conformist, they are perfectly suited for the Raptor. 

Many dedicated Raptor fans that love anything that allows them to eagerly pound more sand wonder if the power source is untouched! The twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 is eagerly good for 405 horsepower, with its piston stroke lengthened by 3.0 mm. The Drive review team had claimed just after the Raptor’s initial release that they were very excited. They had also “full-on wished that this truck could be made better with a decal set.” With these added goodies, it appears that that wish is fulfilled, and then some!

Let’s Get Back to the Raptor’s Burly Hill Climbing Flex!

Appearance packages such as this one are a bit eclectic and pricey, but after just one glance it’s validated! If you are “in the know” about how excellent the Raptor is, you are keen on the fact that it already is at the top of the Ranger lineup. Even before the interior becomes fully decked out like this, it already has quite a bit going for it. There is a 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster with multiple very cool performance dials. 

Assuring that “the song remains the same” during the excursion, you’ll also be loving the amazing audio from the Bang & Olufsen audio system. Many experienced drivers have claimed that driving the Raptor resembles a top-of-the-line luxury vehicle. The truth is that the Raptor successfully offers up a rugged contender for sand, mud, and boulders while doing so. Payload capability suffers just a bit due to the Raptor’s off-road-tuned suspension. 

Priming the Beast For Off-Road Proficiency:

The Raptor has traded the standard leaf-sprung rear axle for a gnarly Watt’s link equipped rear end with coil springs. All four corners are equipped with world-class Fox Racing shock absorbers. These very capable bad boys have a thermal conductivity value that is four times more than low-carbon steel. This aids with the much-needed quick cooling down, and renders them excellent against rust. 

The chassis also features reinforced strut tower mounts. Along with upper and lower control arms, these features allow the Raptor to have legendary capability when it comes to expert-grade terrain. Performance settings are all the rage these days, but when it comes to an off-road vehicle, they can really allow you to be closely focused on changing situations. The DriveSection pros were blown away by the Baja mode, which prepares for the dust-runner’s daydream.

Much Like Waiting for a “Cliffhanger”, The Raptor is Worth Every Penny.

Even though it could be considered a bit showy and obnoxious, the Raptor is a vehicle that can easily back up its hefty claims. The Raptor is definitely a truck that can be tremendous while trustworthy and durable. This is the kind of hearty rig that can set out to conquer mountainous, jutted, or full-on disastrous terrain. Vehicles like this will not be around forever, and it is thrilling to watch a truck such as this exist as the furthest thing from boring. 

Is This Touch-Up Fitting For Such an Untamed Beast?

What do you think of the Carlex Design Group’s Raptor magic? Does the color scheme remind you a bit of an outdated Jet ski ready for skimming? Or, is it cool enough to fulfill the go-anywhere image? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or check out another article about building the ultimate Ranger configuration. 

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