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Buckingham Bound: The Charming Appeal of The Bentley Blower Jr. EV

A Buckingham Palace Garden Party is a very dignified and historical event to attend! The Bentley Blower Jr was featured in Car and Driver this week, and is one of the most smartly dressed numbers we’ve laid eyes on. The charming appeal of the Bentley Blower Jr. EV is very stately and distinguished for royal locations such as these.

The Charming Appeal of The Bentley Blower Jr. EV

While this editing crew was out for a spin, it drew the attention of many curious spectators. As Princess Anne herself drove by, bystanders remained focused on this retro EV. This vehicle cranks out just 20 horsepower, but will still run you $114,000! The U.S. model is at least slated to add an extra 5 mph for consolation.

It’s Hard to be Modest About Such A Standout Model!

Even the grumpiest characters on the street mustered up a large grin after seeing The Bentley Blower in action. The review team claimed that even though the price tag is high, the attention garnered from this vehicle is amazing. The car is an official Bentley product but is officially built by the Little Car Company.

This unique Bicester, England company has created many other sensational replicas! They have done an excellent job with the likes of an Aston Martin DB5, a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, and a Bugatti Baby. This model will be just a bit different than the others, in that it will boast street-legal status on both sides of the pond.

Terms, Limits, and Not Too Many Restrictions?

The Blower Junior is technically considered a unicycle in the UK. Its stance at an 85 percent replica of the original along with its 20 horsepower are important factors here. The 10.8-kWh 48-volt battery pack is situated in the faux supercharger.

When you view this masterful work of art up close, it never ceases to amaze! It is, by all means, an undersized car instead of XXL-toy. The hand-formed metalwork on the hood is a stand-out class act. Where a 4-cylinder would reside houses booth cooling louvres held in by leather straps.

Does This Pint-Sized Prodigy Have a Good Suspension, Etc?

This car’s suspension employs semi-elliptical springs to locate solid axles on each end. Precisely-sourced lever-arm friction dampers are in place to handle jolts and bumps as well. The brake discs are tightly gripped by hydraulic motorcycle calipers.

This setup differs in that the original used much flimsier cable-operated drums. It also has raised posts that saddle 3-point seatbelts. A Bakelite switch governs the selection of 3 different power levels. The Sport mode is where you can partake in 20-horsepower delight.

Pushing The Limits Of The New “Mini-You”:

Most of London imposes a quite low speed limit of 20 or 30 mph. Once this testing team hit the highway, they actually hit 40 mph! Little Car Company CEO Ben Hedley claims that a 50 mph model is in development. 

The unassisted steering can start things off with a heavy quality but lightens as soon as you lurch off the line. The finished package is a cinch to keep on course with the four-spoke string-wrapped steering wheel. Turns are amazingly snug despite a bit of turbulence sometimes encountered from typical road bumps.

Engineering A Keen & Curious Phenomenon:

The Blower does have an absence of any truly regenerative braking sensation. The LCC engineering team claimed there was a very small amount engrained during development. The friction brakes showcased a flawless performance. When it’s time for a full stop, it’s best to remember that a large fraction of the structure is positioned directly in front of the bonnet! 

The 48-volt charging structure takes around three hours to reach fully-juiced status. The Blower’s range is around 65 miles, which is ample for enjoying a noon-hour pint and Piccadilly Square! Nearly every onlooker did not realize they were spotting a modern EV. 

Enjoying A Spectacular & Tweed-Crew Friendly Event:

The Bentley Blower Junior may just be the kind of introduction that the current market needs! It is definitely NOT an imitation, as details have been closely adhered so as to not miss a single design element. Coming out with a model that originated from an era with true class was an excellent idea. Many new models have been accused of not “truly possessing a soul”, and it is quite difficult to not smile when you see it roll by. 

The current economic state dictates that owning a treasure such as this means you are quite well off. We love to dive deep into the daily drivers that are truly budget-minded. However, this is the type of machine one can make a thoroughly star-studded appearance in! What do you think of the Blower EV? Is it too classy for your taste, or just what the “auto DR” ordered for switching things up a bit? Let us know in the comments below, or check out another article about King Charles’ luxury auto collection.

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