Child Passenger Safety Week

Child Passenger Safety Week Is Here! How to Raise Awareness in 2022

Each year we highlight the importance of National Child Passenger Safety Week as part of a growing initiative to raise awareness on child safety. And recently, it seems even more pivotal to talk about this concerning issue due to the increasing number of accidents happening state-wide.

The main purpose behind Child Passenger Safety Week is to urge parents and caregivers to make sure all children are properly secured in the appropriate safety harness (at all times). This feat is made possible by ensuring the correct car seat or booster seat is used at every age, with consideration of height and weight as well.

Below we’ll outline more about this national campaign as well as tips on how to get involved.

NHTSA statistics on Child Passenger Safety Week

In present times, car crashes remain the leading cause of death for children in the U.S. While the weight and stature of young children make them more susceptible to injuries or death following a crash, the correct safety harness can make all the difference in keeping them better protected.

According to data from the NHTSA, 38% of children who died in 2019 while riding in passenger vehicles were unrestrained. Additionally, on average, two children under 13 were killed and an estimated 374 were injured every day in 2019 while riding in a vehicle. These sorrowing statistics are what beseech the Department of Transportation, government officials, and other child safety organizations to advocate for better awareness.

The NHTSA and widely recognized organizations like offer a magnitude of resources, both online and in-person, to ensure your child’s safety remains a priority while in the car. Apart from a series of social media campaigns and informative free guides, one of the best events taking place this week includes a free opportunity to have your child’s car seat or booster seat checked by a safety professional.

Free car seat checks

According to the NHTSA, September 24, 2022 is National Seat Check Saturday. This event provides free car seat and booster seat checks for families at a variety of locations throughout the nation. To take part in this Child Passenger Safety Week event, check with your local news station or city website to see where the inspections will take place.

Many state officials have even taken the initiative to go above and beyond the one day event for seat checks. New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul and her safety committee proudly began offering free car seat and booster seat checks on September 16th. They will continue these events through September 24th.

Keeping kids safe on the road starts with making sure they have an appropriate booster or car seat,” Governor Hochul said.

All in all, car seat and booster seats remain instrumental in keeping young passengers protected during a crash. In fact, car seats can reduce the risk of infant deaths by 71%. The impact can be substantial, as long as your child’s safety harness is properly fitted and secure within the vehicle.

Child Passenger Safety WeekHow to raise awareness

Car accidents aren’t always preventable, no matter how much car tech and defensive driving skills you might have. That means, seat belts and passenger safety in general play a crucial role in your response to an unexpected crash. For these reasons, it’s important for every family to take the time to observe Child Passenger Safety Week. Some ways in which you can bring attention to this cause include:

  • Attend a car seat inspection check on Saturday. Ensure your child’s safety harness is properly fitted.
  • Spread the word about Child Passenger Safety Week to your friends and family. Consider highlighting the important of child passenger safety on social media for greater outreach.
  • Consider donating your child’s outgrown car seat or booster seat to a family in need.

You may also take this time to improve your knowledge of child passenger safety overall. For instance, did you know that most safety organizations recommend that children remain rear-facing for as long as possible? Use Child Passenger Safety Week as the catalyst to safer driving practices in 2022. In any case, the more informed you are, the safer your family will be.

Thanks for reading! As we observe this national campaign, please keep in mind that passenger safety is important year-round. Applying safe driving practices to your daily routine will protect your young passengers from the harmful accident risks. If you want to learn more about child passenger safety, read the following articles below:

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