Discover ECO, Hagerty’s Counteractive Program For Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Recently we’ve seen a growing trend of modifying classic cars into their electric alternative. Although a step in the right direction, the cost of changing the genetic makeup of the vehicle is immense, on average costing drivers a few hundred thousand dollars or more to make it happen. Yikes! One company, in particular, has managed to figure out a way to combat the increase in carbon emissions without changing a single thing under the hood. Hagerty, a niche insurance company specializing in classic cars, boats and motorcycles, just launched a program called, ECO, which plants trees to counterbalance the influx of greenhouse gases. Mainly, from classic models.

That means, if you love driving your Cadillac Coupe DeVille but want to lessen your impact on the environment, you can now sign up for the ECO program and start making a difference today!

How does ECO work?

ECO, formally known as Enthusiast Carbon Offset, is an environmental strategy focused on counteracting the level of carbon emissions that classic vehicles produce each year. In comparison to newer models, classic cars contribute to an overall higher carbon emission rate due to their age and efficiency.

The new program will allow classic car owners to monitor and calculate their annual carbon emissions, using a web-based emissions calculator called Chrome Carbon. In partnership with Chrome Carbon, you can pay to have trees planted in exchange for your carbon dioxide contribution. Ultimately, the mission is to reduce the automotive industry’s global footprint by refurbishing forests and natural environments that have been impacted over the years.

We believe the love of driving and the love of our planet can and must co-exist, said Hagerty CEO McKeel Hagerty.”

The program’s impact goes beyond the customer as well. In addition to offering a vital service to classic car collectors, Hargerty’s has made an internal commitment to reducing greenhouse gases.  They will offset their own fleet and driving habits by following the same carbon reduction initiative.

Using Chrome Carbon

Fortunately, whether you’re tech savvy or incompetent when using new technology, Chrome Carbon is incredibly easy to use. It’s essentially a calculator that lets you determine your carbon impact by typing in a few specifics.

To successfully fulfill the ground rule for the ECO program, collectible car owners must enter the following information into the calculator:

  • Vehicle type
  • Estimated fuel economy
  • Number of miles driven annually (in increments of 500 miles)

Once Chrome Carbon computes your annual carbon output, you can pay to have trees planted in the U.S., Canada, or the U.K.

What if I don’t have Hagerty insurance but want to join the ECO initiative?

One of the best things about the ECO program is that participation is not related to Hagerty insurance policies. If you carry motor vehicle insurance with a different insurer but want to take part in Hagerty ECO, there are no restrictions. Drivers can purchase the program independently.

Want to understand the power of planting trees? Watch this brief video to see how planting trees can effectively offset CO2 emissions worldwide as well as the limitations to this environmental initiative:

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