Eye on Auto Theft Prevention: 5 Clever Hideouts for Airtags

Just over a decade ago, your belongings were permanently gone once they disappeared from your car. Unless you were very good at detective work or saw the burglar in action, you were out of luck. The very useful Airtag can be attached to many different types of belongings, and clue you into where their final destination is once stolen. Since theft is on the rise in a major way, here are 5 covert car hideouts for your Airtags.

5 Clever Hideouts for Airtags:

Many car owners had to find out the hard way that the Airtag is an incredibly useful device! Since it can let its location be known anywhere in the world, it is ideal for pinpointing with the authorities where your missing goods walked off to. Their incredibly tiny size renders the Airtag ideal for smartphones, laptops, clothing, and carry-on bags you may have with you. The Airtag uses Apple’s high-tech Find my network to broadcast its location.

The Airtag’s power source is a replaceable CR2032 battery. These last for about six months, and they do not have stand-alone internet access. They ingeniously connect to nearby iPhones to broadcast their location to their “all-knowing” master device. Any iPhone is fair game for a connectivity hub, even the thieve’s themselves. There is also an audio alert that quickly makes the location public just as a car alarm would.

The Subdued “Spy vs. Spy” Game:

If the thief gets a warning that the Airtag is in the cabin, it will undermine your efforts! Police authorities are intent on these crimes being reported right away. The Airtag is an excellent means of providing critical information quickly, so recovery efforts are that much easier. Here are some clever places to place the Airtag, which will increase the chances of tracking down the bad guy without a hitch.

The Eye-Rolling Approach of The Glove Box:

If you are really in a pinch and just are looking for a quick fix, there’s always the glove box. This is the spot where the thief is most likely to search first for the tracker. If you have a fair amount of items piled up in here, it could still be a better option than nothing. If you choose to situate it directly behind the air filter, a criminal may not be able to spare the time to mess with it.

The Crafty Option of AirTags in the Trunk:

With some well-stacked options such as golf clubs, longboards, or duffel bags, the trunk is a good hiding spot. You can try to attach the Airtag to an item with a magnet, or even bury it behind the emergency kit. One important thing to be aware of here is that a good amount of metal can diffuse the Airtag’s signal. If you are in a very urban or crowded area, you should still find a nearby iPhone easily. 

Next-Level Concealing Tactic In the Console:

This is the preferred option of many experts. Hiding the Airtag here will make it just about impossible for a thief who is in a hurry to locate it. Many new cars are equipped with removable consoles. These have quite a few plastic parts that you can remove to find an optimal place. If the device generates an audio alert you may be foiled! The dashboard is a great choice because if the thief damages it the resale value plummets. 

Where the sun Don’t Shine: The Engine Bay’s Superior Option:

The engine bay consists of so many different components that it remains the best location for hiding an Airtag. Even if the device begins to beep, it’s still going to be nearly impossible to locate. Many elements have a filter for snug encasement, along with a variety of nooks in the radiator. If a thief is suddenly facing the danger of pursuit, they won’t have time to pull over and search here. 

The new Key to Contemporary Theft Defense

Apple had recently issued a statement that claimed Airtags were, in some instances, misused. And, receiving a notification of an unknown Airtag does not always mean you are being followed. In some cases, assault victims have realized that these devices can play devil’s advocate. An offender can break into a car beforehand and install one, watching for them to reach a remote area. In this instance, even going to a police station can make the criminal more angry, spurning incidents that could happen in the future.

Even though modern technology provides so many opportunities to stay safe, there are times when the opposite occurs. Just like meeting someone off of a dating site or marketplace ad, trusting your instincts is crucial here. One of the “top-layer” solutions here is that if someone attaches an Airtag to your car, your iPhone could be the first one to receive an alert. Installing a lock on the data port is another great way of preventing theft after criminals reprogram keys. 

Thoughts on the Airtag’s Intense Duality:

Would you trust an Airtag to reliably track down your car, or would you rather take your chances without one? The fact that very high-end luxury models or other attractive cars can be targeted is a bit frightening. These are all good reasons to have full insurance coverage on your car! Let us know what you think in the comments below, or check out another article about the NYC Airtag giveaway.

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