2023 Lexus RZ 450e

First Look at the 2023 Lexus RZ 450e Yoke-Style Steering

Innovation is taking on a new name thanks to electric production in 2023. Up- and-coming electric models, such as the Lexus RZ 450e and Kia ev9, are promising to do a lot more than just increase efficiency and cut down on carbon emissions.

Aside from the obvious, these electric vehicles are delivering a bold and otherworldly design that’s on track to pioneer a new era of car ownership. One that is entirely conceived on tech-savvy functions and weird yet sublime inspiration.

It’s futuristic. It’s bold. And the excitement is currently driving the electric popularity chart. While consumers can anticipate long wait-times before driving off the lot in one of these wonderful EVs, many believe the wait is worthwhile.

Auto experts also predict the trend will keep on trending. By the end of the decade, data suggests that approximately 60% of new cars sold will be electric, surpassing the current gas-engine preference.

So what’s to be expected?

The transition to an eco-friendly future has brought about some of the wildest design concepts seen to date. And lately, car enthusiasts can’t seem to get over the new Lexus “Steer by Wire” system. Controversial at first look, the yoke-style design is putting the automotive community at odds once again.

Upon first glance at the Lexus RZ 450e last year, enthusiasts quickly were reminded of Tesla’s once jaw-dropping yoke steering column; though it didn’t necessarily win over consumers. Questions like: Is it functional? Is it comfortable to drive? continue to leave drivers perplexed about this distinctive change.

However, whether you agree or disagree with the skepticism, Lexus’ design takes the yoke design far behind the basic functions of a steering wheel. In fact, it kind of knocks Tesla’s concept out of the park.

After learning that this steering system isn’t just a wheel attached to a steering column and instead may actually redefine the way in which drivers navigate the road, we found ourselves utterly intrigued.

To yoke or not to yoke

That is the question, isn’t it? Can you get on board with this distinctive design? Or is it too much to handle? Sure, it’s unfamiliar and forces us to reconceptualize the traditional driving experience. But it does come with its own set of benefits in the all-electric Lexus RZ 450e.

Most notably, in the way the vehicle communicates with the road. Using a combination of an angle sensor in the column and your standard electric power steering system, the 450e makes steering less arduous than ever before.

Since the column senses the motion of your turn, there is no need to exert excessive force. The Steer by Wire system was merely designed to transmit steering information and road surface input directly to the electrical power steering system. All guaranteeing an impressively smooth driving experience without the mechanical backup.

In simpler terms, it makes guiding your vehicle incredibly easy. Of course, if you can adjust to the yoke-lifestyle. To learn more about the technical aspects of this yoke design, watch the video below:

Final thoughts on the Lexus RZ 450e

Lexus’ first all-electric vehicle will definitely make an impact over time, but maybe not for the reasons one might assume. Its charging range is average, no different than other competitor currently on the market. Not to mention, it falls short in the braking department with its complex regenerative braking system.

It is, at best, what you might expect from an automakers first attempt at entering the fully electric market. Yet for those who appreciate the safety and luxe quality of Lexus’ design are sure to find an interest in this new make.

Particularly for its Steer by Wire system.

What do you think of the yoke-like design in the all-new Lexus RZ 450e? Tell us your opinion of this unique yet innovative feature below.

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