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Myth Debunked: Is Armor All Bad For Your Car?

When the DIY approach is your best option for car detailing, it requires the use of certain products. For years, car detailing sections in retail stores have been stocked with a small variety of brands that offer the best protectant and cleaners for all types of vehicles. To this day, one brand reigns true: Armor All.

From car care kits, tire shine, and their sought-after protectants, drivers have a lot to choose from when it comes to DIY car detailing. While the Armor All brand has been around since 1972, it actually got its humble beginnings in 1962, when chemist, Joe Palcher, created the miracle formula that millions use today.

After over 50 years on the market and an entire product line under the Armor All name, it’s time to put the skeptics aside and confirm once and for all whether Armor All is safe. Should drivers be using these products on their cars?

What is the purpose of Armor All products?

Armor All products work effectively at making your car look brand new. Over time your car’s dashboard, console, and exterior plastic zones begin to loose their sheen. In addition, the climate and excessive exposure to the sun can cause these hot zones to fade more easily. Thats when Armor All protectant and other products step in to help.

DIY car detailers rely on these products to help bring their ride back to life. Many drivers also use these products regularly to maintain the appearance of their vehicle. On that note, not every car owner is fully convinced that the Armor All brand is safe enough. There are plenty of car enthusiasts who have either good things or bad things to say about this popular car detailing product.

Are Armor All products safe to use?

The short answer is yes. Most Armor All products use water-based silicone emulsions, which do not cause cracking or damage as some skeptics assume. Their products are also clear of harsh alcohols or petroleum distillates that are known to cause damage over time to the interior and exterior surfaces in your car.

Because most Armor All products are water-based, they remain one of the best options on the market to use on your vehicle. And consumers agree. Car detailing is made easier thanks to their wide range of products — including disinfectants, wipes, tire shine, wheels, and leather cleaners. 

Some of the tire products do contain petroleum distillates so it’s important to read the labeling before purchasing. As a car owner and aspiring car detailer, you have the option to use the products that you feel most comfortable with. If Armor All is not for you, there are a number of close competitors.

It comes down to taste

For some drivers, the notorious shiny aftermath of the Original Armor All protectant is not for them. It does leave your car looking glossy for weeks on end. Luckily, for those who are looking for a more refined, modern finish, there is the more recent Matte Finish Protectant that was added to their lineup. The best part — the reviews are all positive. So whether you stick to the original or the matte is more your style, the Armor All brand and products overall will help protect and maintain the quality of your ride. (And safely.) 

Debunking the myth on Armor All protectant and other products

While there might be some products out there that contain more natural ingredients, there is a reason Armor All is the top selling brand on the market for car detailing. Whether you like the glossy-finish or not, the Armor All products are 100% safe to use. No car owner should be weary. In fact, maybe it’s time for more used car owners to give it a try.

It’s important to make note of the reason this myth started in the first place. Some drivers use too much. Excessive use of car detailing products could cause damage to your vehicle in general. While it is vital to maintain the interior and exterior of your car, make sure you are not using too many products at once. Sad to say that this could lead to cracks in the dashboard or other wear and tear over time.

Have you used Armor All products on your car? Tell us about your experience below.



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    1. I’ve been using Armor All for years, regardless of the condition of the car it will always look better with a little TLC.

    2. I didn’t know there was a myth that it was bad for your car, but I’m glad to know the myth isn’t true!

    3. There are so many manufacturers in the same price range as armor all that work more effectively.

    4. I use to detail my car a lot but hated the glossy finish. I’m glad they made a matte finish one. I think it would look better.

    5. Armor all had a low gloss formula years ago which is the same as the current Matte finish

    6. Armor All has always been my #1 choice to use when I detail my vehicle.

    7. The end of the article on Armor All it says “While it is vital to maintain the interior and exterior of your car, make sure you are not using too many products at once. Sad to say that this could lead to cracks in the dashboard or other wear and tear over time”. But this is a relative term and we the reader need to know how much is to much? And how often is to much?

    8. Bought a brand new Toyota Yaris. Washed it. Waxed it, Armoralled it. At 20,000 miles my tires were ruined. All 4 were cracked really bad all around. I had them replaced. Trusted, truthful shop owner said the Armorall destroyed them. He replaced all 4, gave me a discount & said, I’ve seen this many times, don’t ever use Armorall.

    9. “Loose” should have been Lose
      “Weary” should have been Wary

      Buyer beware ! Lol

    10. You are either lying or you’re stupid.

    11. Maybe the dash fell off after application, hence “loose”, and it was really tiring applying the AA making the applicator very “weary”.

    12. I have an older Jeep Liberty that is black in color. Living in Miami, FL, my Jeep sits out in the bright Florida sun all day. Paint fade was ruining the look of my vehicle. I decided to use ArmorAll on the exterior. WOW! My black vehicle looks like it has a new paint job. THANK YOU!!!

    13. Amaral does and will crack. Your dashboard over time. In 2008 I bought a Chrysler sebring for myself. And a Jeep from my wife. Both vehicles for garage kept. I used Amaral on my Sebring And maguiras products on the Jeep. Because my wife’s brother always used it. And that’s what she wanted.both vehicle had about equal time with no roof exposed to the sun. After 6 years the Sebring dashboard. Was fading and had a couple cracks? No change in the Jeep’s dashboard. Both vehicles.were details the same amount of times. So as I’m concerned, Armor All. Will, and does crack. The dashboards eventually. That was was the only thing that was different. When it came to cleaning and detailing the cars? If you’re not going to keep the Vehicles. for a long period of time. I would recommend the Armor All. If not, definitely go with McGuire’s.

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