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Recently, Formula 1 racing caught the attention of thousands of new fans thanks to the first-ever Miami Grand Prix. With a victorious win for RedBull driver, Max Verstappen, it became clear that this event had changed the way many Americans viewed Formula 1 racing. Thousands of novice fans and partygoers left the stadium with a new sense of thrill and appreciation for the sport. But for those who know (and love) the art of racing, the world of F1 is far grander than most would imagine. The sport brings in nearly 430 million fans annually, and has an average of 87.4 million viewers per racing event. (Yes, that’s more than football!). If you’re looking to educate yourself on the particulars of Formula 1, there’s no better place to expand your knowledge than YouTube channel, Driver61. This all-in-one source gives viewers an inside look into the F1 world.

In this post, we’ll offer a brief history of Scott Mansell, the mastermind behind Driver61. And later on we’ll unveil what you can expect from this popular F1-oriented channel.

Driver61 backstory

Scott Mansell’s love for racing began at the early age of four. But perhaps you could say his obsession for motorsports would eventually get to him anyways. The U.K. native grew up in the motorsport industry, watching his dad, Kevin, run the Mansell Motorsport team, where they engineered and developed cars. With an eagerness to get on the circuits, Scott took up racing at the age of eight, having his dad to pioneer every aspect of the experience. From how to drive to understanding the engineering of the vehicle, the father and son duo built a lasting bond over engines and everything racing.

The emblematic name for his YouTube channel was inspired by his dad, whose racing number was 61. Before Driver61 was born, Scott spent 25 years in the motorsport industry. He competed and won the European championship and was nominated for the McLaren Autosport Young Driver Award. With young success came struggle though. As one of the most expensive sports in the world, Mansell had to transition his ambitions from driver to developer and coach. Thus far, he’s travelled to 22 countries and counting to train and develop drivers to become “faster, safer and more consistent on the circuit.”

Next came Driver61. With a quest for quality and easily accessible information, Mansell was inspired to share his knowledge and love for motorsports with a wider audience. In 2016, he began writing articles on circuit driving techniques, which led to a number of videos that followed. He achieved YouTube success in 2o20 when he expanded the scope of the channel and included more videos on the technical aspects of racings. These days, Driver61 videos reach millions of viewers. Here’s a prime example:

F1 knowledge from the source

Driver 61 channel has become the top source for Formula 1 information in recent years. But that wouldn’t be possible without Mansell’s extensive talent and knowledge of F1 racing. Today, viewers can watch videos on a wide range of topics. This includes historical references, engineering explanations, and racing reviews. On top of that, you’ll find a number of videos explaining how Formula 1 cars work. You can even find tips on how to improve driving techniques. Oftentimes, Mansell gives viewers insights on improving speed and agility. All in an effort to help other F1 enthusiasts become better drivers.

Overall, this emerging YouTube channel is worth checking out. We encourage all our readers to learn more about the fantastic history of Formula 1 driving and give Driver61 a watch. We’d also love to hear from you! Have you heard of Driver61? Tell us your thoughts on F1 racing and its recent breakthrough in the U.S.

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