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Cleaning Cloudy Headlights Is Easier Than You Think — Here’s Why

These days, there are quite a few car maintenance tasks that you can do yourself. And luckily, thanks to YouTube channels like EricTheCarGuy you can master just about any basic skill in under 10 minutes. From oil changes, jumpstarting a car, to battery replacements, there is something for every driver to learn. Just the same, not every DIY chore requires a step-by-step guide. Some tasks are so easy that you have everything you need right at home. For instance, cleaning cloudy headlights. You don’t need expensive products or a full-body detail to get your headlamps looking brand new. Here are the three main solutions (to try at home) for correcting and improving headlight quality.

3 tips to cleaning cloudy headlights

Does your vehicle suffer from cloudy headlights? Are you tired of driving at night with poor visibility? Don’t wait any longer. Browse through our three-step suggestion for fixing headlamps in a jiffy:

Let’s start with the basics

Soap and water! Just think about it. When’s the last time you gave your vehicle a thorough scrub? And no, we don’t mean a $9.99 car wash every month. The power of soap and water is greater than you think. Our recommendation is using anti-grease dish soap to fight the cloudy filter. Of course, you’ll need to put a little elbow grease into this option, but many drivers are surprised by the results.

At first you don’t succeed, try vinegar

If basic soap and water didn’t do the trick, it’s time to step up your game. Reach into your kitchen pantry and grab the vinegar. This common household item (typically used for cleaning) works wonders for headlight restoration. Simply mix three parts water for every one part of vinegar to create the ideal cleaning solution. Damp a towel in the ready-made solution and begin scrubbing your headlights in circular motions. The vinegar will quickly begin to break down the dirt buildup.

Third times a charm

If you’ve let some time go by since you’ve cleaned your headlights, this solution is probably your best option. Notably the strongest, baking soda plus vinegar creates one powerful solution. Add a couple tablespoons of baking soda and mix it with vinegar and water until you get a good consistency. Pick up a rag and begin scrubbing your headlights in a circular motion. You may have to repeat the process a few times if your headlights are past a certain point.

Rid yourself of cloudy headlights once and for all

Cloudy headlamps are not uncommon so don’t be so hard on yourself when their efficacy starts to fade. Regardless of the type of headlights you have, they will tend to decay over time. Mostly from sun exposure and overuse, but in general, the best way to avoid a cloudy, yellowish tint is to keep up with routine care. Try not to let months slide by before you realize your car is in need of a little TLC. Most car experts recommend washing your vehicle (at least) every two weeks.

Overall, we hope these 3 tried and true remedies serve you well at home! If you want to learn more about DIY car maintenance, take a few minutes to browse through the following DIY posts:

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