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New Year’s Resolutions: 5 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean

As we welcome a new (and hopefully safer) year ahead, the time has come to shed old habits. In particular, any doings that inhibit your vehicle from running its very best. To help our readers get started, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite New Year’s resolutions for getting your ride in tip-top shape. Plus, with those pricey MSRPs, you’ll need every reason and more to keep your current ride in good working condition this year.

5 New Year’s resolutions for a cleaner vehicle

For those who lack the time and energy to make your car feel good on the inside and out, here are five easy and effective ways to refresh your ride in the new year. Although not every driver will have the motivation or care to perform these DIY attempts, we find them easy enough to persuade even the messiest of car owners.

Clean under the hood

Oftentimes we focus too much on our vehicles outer appearance that we forget to give some tender loving care to the inside. Therefore, we recommend that all car owners peak under their hoods this January and do some DIY detailing. Remove any debris, dusk, or build up gunk that’s inhibiting your engine from running smoothly. Moreover, its a great time to assess any irregularities or rust around the working parts of your engine. These signs could indicate your vehicle is well overdue for a trip to the mechanic.

Wash your car (more regularly)

Though there are a handful of drivers who are diligent about taking their car through a car wash, not every drive has given this basic chore the proper time of day. Consider doing an at-home wash every few weeks to clean off any extra dirt. Unless you plan on spending big bucks at the car wash, there are certain parts of your vehicle that get ignored no matter how many times you take it through the car wash. That said, it’s a good idea to check door handles, mirrors, wheels, and rims and give those areas extra attention.

Remove pet hair and dander

For drivers who love taking their furry friend out and about, hair buildup is a regular thing. This means, your seats, windows, and trunk space could have a whole new look by the time the excursion is over. Although you love your pet, this New Year’s resolution is one to improve on. If not for car, at least for the passengers who ride inside. Pet dander is a common allergy that affects people. In fact, up to 30% of the population is sensitive to dog or cat allergens.

Try a clay bar treatment

Much like a day at the spa, a clay bar treatment can do wonders on your vehicle’s exterior paint. In essence, this detailing process smooths out any rough finishes and removes contaminants from years of use. We recommend leaving it up to the professionals since the treatment can be abrasive if done improperly. But if you insist on giving it a go, consider a top-rated kit from Amazon to make the most out of your experience.

Vacuum, then vacuum some more

Now that germs are a constant concern for drivers, the best way to make sure those icky bacterias and dust mites don’t stick around is to vacuum more frequently. This New Year’s resolution is sure to make a difference on how your car looks and feels throughout the week. Consider setting aside an extra 10-20 minutes every few weeks to get the job done. Moreover, if you have a family that experiences a lot of spilled snacks or messy projects in the backseat, try out a portable handheld vacuum for easy cleanup.

Make the most of your New Year’s resolutions for your car

Last year a lot of things dropped in priority. Some car owners opted to skip yearly maintenance checks altogether. But now as we’ve learned to navigate a new normal, it’s a great opportunity to set better intentions for the new year. And in turn, stay away from those unhealthy habits. Luckily, keeping your car clean doesn’t require much, just a little discipline and the right materials. We hope our readers take these DIY tactics or professional care tips into consideration in 2022 and the years to come.



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    1. Rubber spatulas are a cheap and easy way to clean up pet hair.

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