Our Favorite Headlight and Tail Light Cleaners

Our Favorite Headlight and Tail Light Cleaners

Taking good care of your car is an important chore to check off of your To-Do List. Cleaning the exterior of your car is important for a number of reasons. Not only does washing your car make it look good, but it keeps your car running smoothly. Getting rid of all that built up dirt and grease will keep it running for a longer time, ultimately saving you time and money.

Did you know that not all cleaning methods were created equally? Most people dunk a sponge into a bucket filled with soap and water, scrub their car, and call it a day. Although there’s nothing wrong with this, we like to take it a few steps beyond the ordinary. And, sometimes, a simple soap and water scrub just isn’t enough. Important areas of your car, like its headlights and tail lights, often need an extra scrubbing — some TLC, if you will — to keep them bright and shiny. After all, you need those parts of your car to be especially clean (they’re legally required to be working when you’re behind the wheel of your car). There are a number of ways that you might go about cleaning the exterior of your car, including your headlights and tail lights, and we’ve got some favorites to tell you about.

Our favorite home remedies

Our three favorite home remedies include toothpaste, baking soda, and Coca Cola. Yup, you read that right! These three powerhouse cleaning tools eat away at dirt and grease. Although they might be non-conventional, you may want to try them out for yourself. The results might surprise you!

First comes the toothpaste and baking soda

To begin, take a clean cloth and wash over the surface of whichever headlight or tail light you’re going to be cleaning. Use Windex or water to moisten the cloth and help clean away the surface dirt. This first step involving Windex or water is just your basic, routine way of cleaning any glass or plastic surface. Next, after you’ve wiped off any heavy surface dirt, take your favorite (or least favorite) bottle of toothpaste, squeeze some out on your finger tip, and then spread it all over the surface of whichever headlight or tail light you’re cleaning first. Take another clean cloth and then begin to scrub away. If the cloth and toothpaste seem too dry and the toothpaste begins to roll up in chunks, all you have to do is add a quick spritz of water or Windex to the surface of the headlight or tail light and then get back to scrubbing. Because of its abrasive qualities, toothpaste picks up excess dirt and grease that most normal soaps cannot. It can often bring your headlights from foggy to clear.

And if you want to add some “umph” to the mix… Sprinkle in some baking soda on top of the Windex/water and toothpaste. Baking soda is known to remove dirt fairly well, so adding this to your cleaning process might help you out in the best way.

Now, for the Coke…

This is even simpler. And much more shocking. Just like before, apply the Coca Cola directly on to the headlight or tail light and let it sit. After a few minutes, simply clean off the coke-soaked headlights and water down to get the rest of the residue off. If your headlights or tail lights are extra dirty, repeat these steps again.

Some more traditional cleaners

The Mother’s NuLens Headlight Renewal set is a great place to start. Mother’s has been around for years and the company is known for producing top quality detailing products for all types of automobiles. The NuLens set is an easy, affordable way to get into cleaning your headlights, especially . Directions are included in the package and the entire process will take you a very short amount of time. It’s a fast, guaranteed way to maximize the life of the plastic that covers your headlights and tail lights.

Another solid choice is the Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer. Similar to Mother’s brand cleaning products, Turtle Wax is a game changer. Its products are high quality and are known to work well for a wide range of vehicles. The Headlight Restorer Kit is extremely affordable, costing you just under $9 from Target. The Turtle Wax option is a great find for people who have never cleaned their headlights or for people who want the most bang for their buck. Your money goes a long way with this option.

Another favorite is Meguiar’s. This Headlight Restoration Kit (which can also be used for your car’s tail lights), falls in the middle of the other two, price-wise, but works just as well.

Our team has used or uses all of these methods when it comes to cleaning cars. Some of us may prefer one brand over the other, but it’s up to you to buy one or two different cleaners, and use different methods, and decide for yourself. They all work!

Cristofer Montel
Cristofer Montel is a South Florida Native, swearing that Boca Raton is much more than just a retirement destination for Northerners. He went to Florida State University for his Bachelors degree and then on to Nova Southeastern University for law school. In his spare time, he scrolls through pages and pages of car content on Instagram. When he’s not drowning in legal work, he writes for a marketing and advertising consultancy

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