Mazda’s First Electric Car: What to Expect

Mazda’s First Electric Car What to Expect

The Mazda MX-30 will mark the first electric car for the Japanese automaker. Its anticipated release is expected in late 2020 or early 2021. This new model is a bit of an enigma. Mazda has not advertised much for its projected release – leaving consumers wanting more. There is much to learn about the MX-30’s innovative design, sustainable features, and unique approach to electric manufacturing.

Electric vehicles have become a trendy option among car buyers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Most electric vehicles include environmentally friendly materials and modern aesthetics. The Mazda MX-30 is no exception. It retains the classic design of Mazda manufacture, while incorporating sustainable features throughout its interior.

The following will highlight features of the Mazda MX-30 – including how this Japanese automaker plans to break into an established sector in the automotive industry.

Freestyle doors

Mazda transformed the meaning of functionality with its inclusion of freestyle doors. The freestyle doors provide easy access to the front and back seats of the car – without a center pillar blocking entry. Beyond the functionality, the freestyle doors add a modernized look, which is popular among electric vehicles.

Consumers will appreciate the MX-30’s commitment to a modern lifestyle as well. The innovative design of freestyle doors will attract buyers who are looking for a statement feature that doesn’t take away from the convenience of the car. The overall look is futuristic, which both kids and adults will find cool.

Renewable materials

The materials chosen for the MX-30 stem from the same resources you might find in nature. Each material was chosen for the purpose of enhancing the buyers’ experience – creating a space that is sustainable yet textural. Mazda designed an open concept cabin that invokes creativity and imparts a sense of comfort.

The most unique feature about the MX-30 is its incorporation of Heritage Cork on the center console. Cork is an unexpected choice for a car interior, but it provides warmth and durability. The door trims are also made of fibers from recycled plastic bottles, which is one of the vehicles’ most sustainable features.

Safety features

An environmentally conscious buyer will expect recycled materials and an energy efficient engine in Mazda’s first electric car, but safety remains a top priority. The MX-30 incorporates advanced safety technology, like collision prevention, smart brake support, and curb monitoring. These high-tech features will provide extra assistance while driving the MX-30.

Mazda ensures that the unique manufacture of their first electric car will meet industry standards – with special attention to crash absorption. The Japanese automaker and consumers alike do not want the crafted design of the MX-30 to interfere with their safety.

How the MX-30 compares to its competitors

Mazda has been criticized in the past for its lack of interest in electric manufacturing. The release of the MX-30 may come as a surprise to leading manufacturers who have developed some of the best electric cars on the market. In a way, Mazda is lagging behind its competitors. Automakers, like Tesla and Chevy, have laid the groundwork for electrical design and performance – including the development of long-lasting batteries.

While Mazda hit the nail on the head for its innovative design and sustainable resources, the battery size of the MX-30 is rather small compared to its competitors. It is likely Mazda chose a small battery to decrease the weight of the vehicle and improve its agility on the road. By incorporating a lighter battery, Mazda is committing to an eco-friendly manufacture that will be appreciated by environmentally conscious buyers. Behind the wheel of the MX-30, buyers can expect to drive approximately 130 miles before recharging – making it a great vehicle for running errands or small road trips.

What to expect

It is hard to gauge how consumers will react to the release of the Mazda MX-30. As an established brand with an adorned following, the Japanese automaker is sure to make a statement. Mazda consumers are compelled by the eye-catching designs and modern finishes of their manufacturing, so the MX-30 should be no exception. It’s great that Mazda is now taking the initiative to break into the electric industry – although their timing and unique approach has left critics skeptical.

Mazda’s first electric car will cater to environmentally conscious buyers – and help reduce the world’s carbon footprint. The average price for the Mazda MX-30 has yet to be announced, but it will likely mimic competitor pricing. Mazda will follow suit with their other models by creating divisions that range in price – from the most basic trim to the most upgraded trim. The MX-30 will be released in Japan, then Europe, and lastly, the United States. Once the MX-30 hits the market, consumers can test drive the car and determine if Mazda’s first electric vehicle meets the hype and demand of the Japanese automaker.

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