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Products for Your Car You Didn’t Know You Needed

Do you ever find yourself going down the social media rabbit hole? Scrolling through videos upon videos with no end in sight? But, have you ever thought about all of the new things you were learning from watching these videos? Sometimes, we get caught going down the rabbit hole too: from finding out new ways to use our iPhones, the best kept, 5-minute recipes, and, most importantly, things we didn’t know we needed to make our driving experience better than it’s ever been before. 

Here are the best products for your car:

1. Gel puddy interior cleaner 

Yup, this one’s a doozy. We weren’t expecting to come across this either, but here we are. Customers rave about this lesser-known interior detailer. For all intents and purposes, you will literally be cleaning your car’s interior with goo. The sticky texture picks up small pieces of dirt and dust that a normal rag can’t reach. It’s easy, effective, and actually pretty fun… Oh, and did we mention affordable? That too. Find some here and also here, if you dare.

2. A small, handheld vacuum

Although not as fun and strange as the gel puddy, a small handheld vacuum that you can keep in your car (and charge in your car) is a perfect way to keep your car clean and dirt-free. A vacuum like this one is small enough to fit in most cars’ center consoles, easy enough to grab in case something spills or to make it through a quick cleanup.

3. Carpet spot remover and cleaner

Folex’s Instant Carpet Spot Remover Carpet Cleaner is a fan among the masses. For those of you with cloth seats or carpet mats in your car, this little bottle could be a life-saver. It requires only a quick spray over your spill – no scrubbing required. It’s super easy, and works super well. Take a look at the stellar customer reviews here.

4. Headrest hooks

Wow, are these game changers! These are hooks that you can snap on to the headrest of your two front seats, allowing you to hang things from the back seat. Whether it’s clothes or groceries, you never have to worry about things flying all over the place ever again. These headrest hooks will make your life so much easier. Give them a shot and let us know how you like them. 

5. Pet hair removal brush

For those of you that like to take your pets with you wherever you go, we know that their fur can sometimes begin to make a mess in your car after a while. A pet hair removal brush like this will save you tons of time trying to get rid of that pet hair that won’t come off of your seats or carpets. It’s one of the best products for your car if you like to drive around with your furry friend.

6. Headlights restoration kit

If you’ve got an older car, chances are that its headlights are beginning to fog up. Over time, this can occur from the age of the headlight covering’s plastic and buildup of dirt. A headlight restoration kit is a perfect way to shave years off the look of your car, and keep you safe on the nighttime road. After some research, we find that 3M offers one of the best kits out there. In our opinion, a headlight restoration kit is one of those products for your car that no driver should go without. 

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Cristofer Montel is a South Florida Native, swearing that Boca Raton is much more than just a retirement destination for Northerners. He went to Florida State University for his Bachelors degree and then on to Nova Southeastern University for law school. In his spare time, he scrolls through pages and pages of car content on Instagram. When he's not drowning in legal work, he writes for a marketing and advertising consultancy

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