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What Car Brand Has the Best Safety Rating?

Picking out your next vehicle is like finding your dream home. It takes time, a good dose of patience, and more legwork than you might imagine. However, one thing we notice most often when talking to new car buyers is that their checklist of must-have features is rather extensive. And unfortunately these days, it’d be hard to walk into the buying process without expecting a little compromise in one way or another. While you might have to sacrifice on preferred paint choice or trim level, there is one thing that consumers should never skimp out on: top-of-the-line safety. Now that so many automakers have risen to the challenge of offering standard safety, we’re here to discuss one brand in particular that provides the best safety rating by far.

In this post, we’ll review the highest scoring safety brands so that conscious-minded buyers can begin their shopping experience at the right dealer.

What car brands have the highest safety rating?


The Swedish automaker has become the cornerstone of safety over the years thanks to its remarkably intelligent design. With a variety of sedans, station wagons, and popular SUVs all sporting an ultra high-strength steel body and weighed structure to absorb impact, it’s no wonder Volvo has lived up to the reputation of being one of the safest car brand’s worldwide.

What really makes Volvo unique, however, is their attention to crash prevention. Safety features, like blind spot monitoring, has been incorporated into Volvo models since 2003. All while, several automakers have just started offering this safety feature in recent productions. Basically, when it comes to Volvo, the tiny details are never overlooked. Safety for all types of drivers is always a priority. In fact, Volvo is one of the only automakers to use female crash test dummies to perform testing.

Safety Pick: Volvo XC40

best safety ratingMazda

According to Average U.S. New Safety Score, Mazda outdoes themselves year after year by providing safe and affordable models that consumers love. Not to mention, this automaker often has the most vehicles listed on the IIHS Top Safety Pick list, specifically in 2020. While the Mazda CX-5 tends to win over buyers in popularity, you really can’t go wrong with any of the cars on their lineup. There is a size and trim level for every buyer. Even the ones that are tight on budget but expect a certain standard of protection.

With safety features like lane keep assist, blind-spot detection, and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, drivers can feel an added sense of comfort knowing their Mazda is doing the extra work to keep passengers safe. One notable feature about Mazda safety in general is the audible noises that alert drivers when focus on the road is being lost.

Safety Pick: Mazda CX-30

What is the #1 safest car brand?

Well, we know there are a good portion of automakers that earn the title of safest car brands. However, between the best safety rating and consistent consumer reviews, Genesis tends to blow other carmakers out of the park nowadays.

Here’s a little background on the Genesis brand and what model is considered the top-choice for safe-minded buyers.

best safety ratingGenesis

If you aren’t familiar with Genesis, consider this an incentive to add this automaker to your next wishlist. Genesis is owned by Hyundai Motor Group and is named the luxury lineup for the company. While Hyundai vehicles have risen in safety in the last decade, Genesis is in a league of its own. The majority of its lineup, including the GV70, GV80, G70, G80, G90, have earned a position on the 2022 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ list.

On top of that, its incident reports like Tiger Woods life-threatening crash show the superior crash protection of these highly-designed models. With most Genesis vehicles receiving a 5/5 score, and dependability at the core of their design, we really can’t find a single flaw with this luxury brand in terms of safety. And neither can safety organizations nor automotive experts. Although Genesis is relatively new to the car market, this brand has outperformed even the toughest critics expectations.

Safety Pick: Genesis G90

Is the best safety rating important to you?

We know not every car buyer has the same criteria when shopping for a new vehicle. However, we do believe car safety should be a number one priority, never mind your budget or preference. As advanced safety continues to become more affordable, we are a seeing a steady rise in the amount of safe vehicle options available. As of now, we don’t think consumers could go ever go wrong with investing in a Volvo, Mazda, or Genesis vehicle.

Our secondary list of safest car brands would include:

  • Toyota
  • Hyundai
  • Subaru

Thanks for reading! If you have a make or model in mind that stands out among the other brands listed in this article, please take a moment to share your opinion below.

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