Sneering at City Boys: The Coolest Cars and Trucks on The Hit Series “Yellowstone”

Author James Lee Burke claimed that “Montana’s Wilderness areas probably resemble the earth on the first day of creation.” The series that Paramount TV introduced in 2018 about the border conflicts surrounding a family ranch has become wildly popular. As we settled in for a few episodes, our gaze naturally gravitated towards the various types of wheels on the set! Here’s a look at the coolest vehicles to make an appearance on Yellowstone.

The Coolest Cars and Trucks on the Hit Series “Yellowstone”

The show has generated a massive amount of interest in capable and burly trucks. The brand of choice just happens to be RAM, a glowing Consumer Reports favorite. Popular franchises such as “Fast and Furious” have propped up street race-capable models just as “Yellowstone” has done for hard-working trucks. Here are definitely a few more examples of screen time from the sweet sedans and sports cars buyers are so fond of!

Beth Dutton’s Alluring Persona + Hot Car Preferences:

Kelley Reilley plays Beth Dutton, John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) only daughter. She can back up her words with fiery action, and trounces through much of the show with a strong drink in her hand. During Yellowstone’s season 3, she sports a Mercedes-AMG E63 S Black. The model that Car and Driver defines as “The pinnacle of luxury”, it offers off-the-charts performance and a superior taste of comfort. The AMG E63 was released in 2017 and retails for around $164,000.

This was the car that marked a successful final chapter in the V8 department for Benz. Delivering 603 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque, it also boasts what is quite likely the most capable air suspension in the world. We’d have to recommend the addition of one or both Carbon Packages, dressing up things outside much like getting ready for a barn dance. Drive tests have seen the lucky city slicker reaching 60 mph in just 3 astonishing seconds!

Admiring cattle hands from a sizzling coupe:

During Yellowstone season 4, Beth switches things up a bit to the Mercedes-AMG GT coupe. This beautiful and incredibly stylish model boasts the 5.5-liter V8, and is known for impeccable street and track performance. Cranking out 523 horsepower and 494 lb-ft of torque, drivers who have enjoyed its virtues have immediately fallen in love with its Race drive mode. Opting for the Stealth Edition gives the GT a more sinister look, and we’d assume Beth’s taste for exquisite things would lead her to the 10-speaker Burmester sound upgrade.

The harsh landscape-ready rigs of the wild west in Yellowstone:

It was sure from the beginning that the Dutton family would be easily recognized wherever they go, and their signature trucks make a statement. The black RAMs in their fleet feature the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch logo and name on the side. John Dutton’s personal model is a 2014 Ram Heavy Duty 3500 Laramie Crew Cab. It sports the 6.4-liter V8 engine option, and fully rules when sent out for trailering duty.

It’s a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t quite need the turbodiesel engine but requires a bit more rugged capability. This year of the Ram 3500 also saw the introduction of the load-leveling rear suspension. It would be a huge help for a rig enduring the drastic highs and lows of Montana ranch hand driving. Many diehard truck fans were wondering just which one of the “big four” truck brands were going to be represented on Yellowstone as the cast’s go-to, and we were happy to see it was the Ram!

Memorable enough to live through vicariously:

A dedicated “Superfan” in Belton, TX even created his very own version of John’s trusty 3500 Laramie you can check out here. This is one of those addictive shows that audiences have been going nuts over since its release! It has a classic element to it, as the Duttons worked hard to protect this land since the Civil War days. It’s also a tale that is delightfully American in all ways, showing us characters as far from perfect yet poignant.

Drawing us in with the fiery passion and untamed elements of the West, it leaves any car buff wondering exactly what the specs are on these models that look so good in action. One of the most awesome and skilled aftermarket conversion companies in the world calls Montana home as well! AEV Outfitters is one of the most competent groups of master crafters out there when it comes to wilderness-ready upgrades.

The Ram’s domination of demanding conditions:

Ram trucks have long been considered the favorite of ranch hands, contractors, and outdoor lovers everywhere. U.S. News and World Report picked them as the best truck brand for 2022. IHS Markit praised the Ram line for having “America’s most loyal pickup owners” 6 years in a row. Autotrader also heaped on the good words as Ram frequented their best trucks list for 4 years straight. We must admit that the Toyota Tundra and Ford F-150 would probably also be well suited here on Yellowstone. However, the Ram simply took the cake.


We know you are quite possibly already hooked on this show. But what do you think of the cars it features? Some have been pretty outspoken about Ram’s quite obvious hulking presence in the show, but also love the Mercedes models Beth flaunts. Tell us in the comments what you think below, or pop in and check out another article about some quick tips on revitalizing your Ram headlights.

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    1. I couldn’t give two shits about any overated german or jap crap they don’t have any business being on an American ranch in any state in the USA especially in the state of KANSAS where the fictional story takes place. ONLY GM, FORD, AND ESPECIALLY THE RAM TRUCKS have any reason or business to be on a show like YELLOWSTONE IN AMERICA PERIOD….

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