Countless industries have experienced the gut-wrenching reality of COVID-19. With millions of businesses shutting down and unemployment rates surging across the country, the current economic crisis has instilled a sense of fear in all Americans. There is one industry, however, that has organized a nationwide response to the current pandemic. As factories remain closed and manufacturing stalls, the automotive industry has stepped up to the plate in a heroic effort to spread hope for American safety. Their commitment to ventilator construction and PPE equipment comes as a major relief to healthcare workers and critically ill patients who need it most. 

While most American automakers are feeling the financial burden of production delays, Tesla is experiencing an all-time high of record-breaking profits. After watching the news, it’s hard to believe that any automotive company could be feeling such optimism right now. Yet this beloved EV brand continues to make headlines for its Q1 profits, steady stock, and overall strange response to COVID-19. Success aside, the enforced stay-at-home order and social distancing regulations have begun to threaten Tesla’s state of victory. As the production milestones approach, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has a lot to say about it with an immediate demand for action. 

The following will explain Tesla’s response to COVID-19, the growing demand in EV performance – including how Tesla will continually evolve as the preferred EV brand.  

Response to COVID-19

While notable automakers have transitioned their production from car manufacturing to critical-life devices, Tesla has taken a different approach. In fact, Elon Musk has expressed his strong disdain for the shutdown of Tesla’s factory in Fremont, CA. His protests against the shelter-in-place order began in March – resulting in health officials putting a quick halt to Tesla production. With a recent increase in coronavirus cases in Alameda County, the area remains slow to reopen – further igniting the CEO’s frustration. 

His outspoken protest against local ordinances could turn away some supporters of the EV brand. As the fate of the country remains unknown, Musk’s actions have been somewhat radical. Asking employees to return to work without the go-ahead from county officials has caused a serious standoff. Even President Trump has expressed his support for Musk and the reopening of Tesla’s plant. In desperate need of a resolution, Alameda County and Tesla Inc. reached an agreement on Tuesday to facilitate minimal business operations – with an effective safety plan in place for getting employees back to work

Rising demand

With everything that’s happened in 2020 thus far, it leaves many of us fearful for what lies ahead. Tesla is the exception. It’s no surprise that Elon Musk is gunning for the reopening of his production plant in California. With a profitable Q1 under his belt, this automaker is unfettered by the economic destruction of COVID-19 – compared to most of the automotive industry. Tesla is without a doubt one of the best electric brands on the market, but what does a profitable Q1 mean for their future? 

The answer lies in the demand for electric performance vehicles. As consumers embrace a greener mentality, their vehicle preference will reflect that. Tesla has made a name for itself and gotten the attention of those who listen. In most regards, you can thank Elon Musk’s bigger-than-life mentality – with a mind programmed on future innovation. The pandemic has stammered Tesla’s ability to keep production on track, which is likely the cause of Musk’s current upset. He is fully focused on meeting future delivery deadlines -and Tesla fans are more than ready. 

Making EV attainable 

Despite the economic turmoil our country is currently facing, this electric automaker is defying odds. The outcry for environmentally viable vehicles is leading the rise in EV demand. With the release of X and Y models, Tesla engineering is becoming more attainable than ever before. The initial releases were garnered toward high-end clientele, but the future of Tesla production will reach a wider demographic – making it easier for people of varied financial backgrounds to feel the novelty of driving a Tesla. An aimed expansion in production and model options will continue to avail the popularity of this EV brand. 

Pioneering the future

Tesla has a brilliantly vast future ahead. In good time, EV enthusiasts and your average Joe will know the joy of driving to your next destination behind the wheel of a Tesla. As the brand becomes more attainable and production continues to boom, there is no question whether EV manufacturing will continue to take hold of the automotive industry. Even companies like Mazda, who have never expressed much interest in electric manufacturing, have hopped on the bandwagon. In the next decade, we will continue to see the profound impact that EV performance will have on our environment and our day-to-day lives. Now that there is a trending demand for EV production, we know it takes pioneers, like Elon Musk, to show us how it’s done.

Linzi Martin
Linzi Martin has worked as a content manager, consultant, and writer for the past six years. She's handled everything from blogs and articles to e-books and social media content. Her work has been featured in various publications including Apartment Guide, The Startup, and Voyage Magazine. Outside of work, Linzi enjoys staying active, frequenting new restaurants around South Florida, and spending time with her family.

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