Top Driving Destinations of 2020

Top Driving Destinations of 2020

Interested in the top-recommended driving destinations because you want to get out of town for a few days or weeks? No matter where you live in the United States, more than likely you’re within driving distance to a fun-filled vacation destination or a scenic national park that offers fresh air and natural views you’ve always wanted to witness with your loved ones.

We’ve pinpointed the five top driving destinations located in each corner of our great nation and if you’re preparing to escape the monotony of the suburbs or daily rush of city life, here is our list of best road trip destinations.

The Florida Keys

Florida offers it all for travelers. Whether you’re driving down the Atlantic coast from the north or heading south from the midwest, the state of Florida is a great state to drive through if you’re searching for all-year-round warm-weather activities. From its theme parks and beaches to the shopping outlets and Florida Everglades National Park, marking the Florida Keys as your tropical road trip destination is a top choice if you wish to hit fun pit-stops along the way.

The Florida Keys offers  hundreds of affordable motels and luxury waterfront resorts and if you want a secluded beach getaway that offers some of the best fishing and snorkeling on the planet, the scenic drive from Islamorada to Key West provides pristine sunsets, fine dining, fishing charters and boating tours the whole family can enjoy.

The Grand Canyon National Park

A popular destination for American drivers who wish to witness a landscape bigger than life itself. The Grand Canyon will always hold the reputation as a top family road trip destination with plenty of hiking trails, campgrounds, and sightseeing tours. Whip out the camera on this unforgettable road trip, because you can capture some of the most picturesque landscape views in the world when visiting the Grand Canyon.

Olympic National Park Washington

Ready to get out of town for some fresh air and beautiful untouched scenery? Olympic National park is located in the Pacific Northwest. Washington is a fun state to travel through and if you’re craving snow top mountains, tall pines, and flowing river rapids, Olympic National Park is a family driving destination all American Wanders should consider. Take your next road trip to extravagant lodges and historical campgrounds while taking on your next family adventure on a hike or canoe fishing trip.

Keep in mind that Washington is a state that has its share of fog, misty weather, and rain. It’s essential that you have superior vision and highly functional headlights before a road trip to the Pacific Northwest.

The Great Smoky Mountains

Searching Mountain destinations near the east coast or midwest? If you love the outdoors just as much as spending time with family, the Great Smoky Mountains is an affordable road trip destination where you, friends, and or family can see some of the most beautiful seasonal landscapes. The Great Smoky Mountains offer scenic drives, beautiful sunsets, waterfalls, antique shops, bike trails, zip-lining, and white water rafting.

Cape Cod, MA

You’ve probably heard of it referred to as the Cape and if you’re living in the northeast or southeast and seeking a quick summer road trip to beautiful Atlantic shores, Cape Cod is a fantastic destination for the entire family. Eat at the top recommended seafood restaurants, visit historical museums, and sprawl out at the hotel pool or on the beach and enjoy the temperate summer sun. The best months to drive to Cape Cod are June, July, and August, and no matter what direction you’re visiting from, the coastline offers stunning views!

Prepare For Your Road Trip and Check Your Headlights

It’s likely that wherever you travel across the country, you will drive during the night time and in times of low visibility. From fog and snow to rain and smoke, your vehicle visibility and the view forward beyond the hood is mandatory. Before setting off on your next big road trip, inspect the condition of your headlights and bulbs to ensure you’re prepared. Optimize the brightness of your vehicle headlamps by choosing new headlight products online.

Patrick Kirk
I am a full-time copywriter from Naples, FL and living in Austin, TX. I have written for the automotive industry for three years, and enjoy other hobbies such as camping and mountain biking. I received my Bachelors from Florida Gulf Coast University, and served in the U.S Coast Guard.

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    1. 2121, maybe. There’s not going to be road trips for a while.

    2. Florida keys is awesome for a drive. Simple straight roads one way in one way out.. very relaxing and easy drive.

    3. Olympic National Park Washington is definitely the winner out of these destinations

    4. If you travel with pets to the Keys make sure you read all of the reviews and verify your hotel is pet friendly, or you might be surprised when you get there. The Florida Keys is filled with great destinations and amazing snorkeling. If you have a boat or a jet ski, then bring them to the Keys!!

    5. Traveling to the Keys is always a nice trip to make. Driving on the 7 mile bridge is beautiful no matter the time of day. I think Ill plan my next road trip to Cape Cod in 2121.

    6. Those are all fantastic ideas! Let us not forget St. Petersburg, FLA. It’s a gorgeous city with tons of parks and beaches and a dog bar downtown.

    7. I’m am predicting a surge in vacations once everything clears up. People are going crazy staying home for over a month, change of scenery is needed.

    8. These are some great destinations that I have not even thought of. Especially, the grand Canyon and Olympic National Park Washington. These destinations are so beautiful that at first I wouldn’t even think to check my headlights. Good to have a reminder safety first.

    9. I love a good road trip. The best destinations are the most beautiful when done on the road. I have visited the Smoky Mountains a few times. You definitely need some great visibility up and down those windy mountains. Though I’ve been to the Keys a few times, I’ve surprisingly never thought to drive there. I can imagine how nice that view would be. This gave me a few places to add to my list.

    10. We love road trips on the Harley, our go to locations are the keys and Orlando. The keys are a great ride, its very relaxing and there are lots of great spots to stop and eat. Florida’s west coast is a lot of fun as well.

    11. You don’t always have to go to a huge destination either. There are a lot of quaint little towns within a few hours of you.

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