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The Aston Martin Valhalla: Aston Martin’s First Hybrid Hypercar

Aston Martin has made its first foray into hybrid and electric vehicles. The long-awaited release of its first hybrid car is over as “The Valhalla” is set to be released in 2024; not long for Aston Martin enthusiasts to wait.

With a change in CEO for the automotive company, “The Valhalla”, which is going into mass production this year, it is a very different car to the one that was nicked named “AM-RB 003.” This car is the first of up to ten new releases by Aston Martin by 2024, which includes “the Valhalla,” “the Vanquish,” and “the Valkyrie” hypercar. 

Every major automotive brand is now moving their company’s attention to how they can implement hybrid and electric technology but keep the essence of their brand that their loyal customers love so much. Now it is Aston Martin’s turn to enter the world of electric vehicles.

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Under The Bonnet of the Valhalla

The Aston Martin Valhalla is the British automotive company’s rival for Ferrari’s long-awaited release of the Ferrari SF90.“The 2024 Valhalla” is Aston Matin’s first plug-in hybrid hypercar.

The 2019 Concept 003 was powered by an Aston Martin V6 engine, which has now changed under their new CEO, and instead, it is now powered by a Mercedes-AMG twin-turbocharged, 4.0-litre V8 engine. It is driven from the rear axle and gives the engine 7200rpm and over 800PS. The addition of a 150kW/400V hybrid battery system gives a combined output of over 1,000PS. This car has not lost its iconic Aston Martin sound, as a lightweight exhaust system supports its combustion engine. This engine is coined to be the highest-performing engine ever implemented within an Aston Martin car.

Its hybrid powertrain is designed with Red Bull for a transmission inspired by Formula 1. It will contain an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission that will power the rear wheels.For the front wheels, an electric motor will control them, and an additional electric motor will be added to the car’s transmission.

The combustion engine and the hybrid combine to give the vehicle an eye-watering 937 horsepower. The hybrid hypercar will boost a top speed of 217 mph and will get from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. It also completed the coveted Nürburgring lap in a record-breaking 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

A look into electric mode

When in electric mode, “The Valhalla” will only use its front electric motor. It has a driving range of only eight miles and a top speed of 80mph. But when used in hybrid mode, the electric power generated is used to supplement the V8’s power and spilt across both axles.

The gearbox is electronically assisted so that any reversing will be powered by the car’s battery. The dampers and springs can be adjusted to an ultra-low track mode for optimum speed, another nod to Formula One, but can be raised to tackle tricky speed bumps. All these features, including carbon ceramic brakes and specially designed Michelin Tyres, will give this hypercar the superb handling everyone expects from an Aston Martin.
Image source: Aston Martin

The Exterior of the Valhalla

The exterior of this vehicle is a masterpiece on first look. It has an overall weight of 1550kg, which gives this vehicle an unrivalled power-to-weight ratio. Its body is primarily made from carbon fibre and inspired by Formula One to give unparalleled aerodynamics and less overall weight. The aerodynamics in the bodywork meant that the designers had free reign with the aesthetics for the body of “The Valhalla.” It has a clean, sleek design with a sprinkling of a concept car thrown in; it is a hypercar, after all.

The vehicle still has the Aston Martin trademark grille but a larger, wider version. It contains a toned-down rear diffuser and wing mirrors that were not included in the original concept car. The front wheels are 20 inches in size, while the rear ones are larger at 21 inches. Of course, no hypercar is complete without the addition of dihedral doors.

Aston Martin wanted to create a more mature vehicle that could stand independently, away from the shadow of “The Valkyrie.”

The Interior and Technology of the Valhalla

The interior of “The Valhalla” is a pared-back, clean, and simple design focusing clearly on the driver’s needs, just like in the cockpit of an aeroplane or a Formula One car.

It is the first Aston Martin car to feature a touchscreen, and it will have the capabilities to support the user interface implemented into the car. Like all modern cars, the driver will have the capability to use software such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, built-in navigation, and an audio system. 

There will be an extensive range of driving assistant features within this vehicle. This is less common on hypercars as the designers usually focus more on speed and aerodynamics than day-to-day driving. But practically, if you are paying nearly a million dollars for a car, driver assistant features should be implemented to ensure no bumps or scrapes happen when driving your new hypercar to the store.

Some of the driver assistance and safety features within the car include a review camera during reversing, automated emergency braking, cruise control, and blind-spot monitoring. 

The Production of the Valhalla

The Aston Martin Valhalla will be ready for purchase in 2024 as it enters mass production this year. It will be a limited production run, with only 999 models being constructed. The estimated cost of owning one of the superb hypercars will be $800,000.

Formula One drivers Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll have been offered a chance to drive “The Valhalla”. The offer will also include giving Aston Martin feedback on their new release performance.

If this article hasn’t convinced you that “The Valhalla” is one of the most exciting automotive releases of 2023/2024, then maybe the fact that this epic car has already had a cameo in the
film “No Time to Die” will convince you. It was spotted in the wind tunnel within Q’s layer, but it has yet to be driven by the iconic superspy. It is an iconic Aston Martin creation before it is even released.

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