The Benefits of Rain-X for Your Car

If you’ve ever been stuck on the highway during a major rainstorm, you know the worry that comes along with it. In the US, rain accounts for 46% of weather-related crash fatalities and 8% of crash fatalities overall. Clearly, this is no joke. Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent touts itself as a solution to decreased visibility, so what are the benefits of Rain-X for your car?

Rain-X features and benefits

Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent has a few notable features, including:

  • Improving driving visibility in wet weather (like rain and snow)
  • Boosting driving comfort and safety in inclement weather
  • Helping to remove frost, ice, salt, bugs, mud and anything else that can get in your line of vision
  • Keeping your headlights and taillights clear while driving

Other uses for Rain-X

To my surprise, the benefits of RainX go beyond your vehicle. Use it on a glass shower door in your home to keep the water from beading up. You can also use it on home glass windows and doors for the same reason. Just be sure not to use it on any glass with frosting or etching.

Original Rain-X is not for plastic

Keep in mind that Rain-X is made for glass, not plastic. If you drive an ATV or motorcycle, your windshield may be made of plastic, so it’s important not to use the original formula. However, the brand recently released a plastic-compatible product, Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent. It’s not the OG, but it may be worth a test drive.

More products by Rain-X

There are a few more benefits of Rain-X, depending on which product you go with in their line:

  • 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent: Clean glass and repel rain in one fell swoop.
  • Windshield Wipers: These are the only wipers I use, and they really do work. RainX has a whole line of blades so you can find the perfect fit.
  • Headlight Restoration Kits: A few different options for headlight restoration give you the chance to clarify and deoxidize your lights to your heart’s content.
  • Car Wash: Pick from waterless, heavy duty and more.

  • Car Protectants: This includes wax and detailers.
  • Washer Fluid: For cold weather folks, the low temp de-icers are awesome.
  • Windshield Repair Kit: If anything, it keeps you from spending a fortune at the mechanic.

Are the benefits of RainX worth it?

You don’t have to live in Seattle to deal with rain on the road. With such a high risk of getting into an accident during a rainstorm, I’d say the benefits of RainX vastly outweigh the cost. It’s a reputable brand that’s proven itself on the front lines time and time again. Grab yourself a bottle of the Original Glass Water Repellant, or any of their other products, and get to spraying — you’ll thank yourself later. 

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    1. Living in South Florida, this feels like it’d be pretty useful, what with the often severe and sudden downpours, leaving you feeling like you’re driving underwater.

    2. If you have driven a vehicle without air conditioning, then you may have used rain-x on the outside and inside of your windows to prevent fogging as well.

    3. This is defiantly something I did not know i needed.

    4. I honestly can say that driving on a Florida highway while it’s pouring rain is a terrifying experience. Driving in Florida is terrifying regardless but at least if i get this is don’t have to worry about the weather anymore.

    5. Learned a few new things about Rain-X and its multiple uses. The shower door thing could be a game-changer for sure. I am also pretty interested in what its effect on your headlights would be.

      1. One of the best ways to keep glass shower door clean is by not using bar soap. Bar soap in many cases has a lot of additives that will build up on surfaces, and it will cause the soap scum to quickly build up. You wont be able to see it as easily on other parts of your shower and/or tub, but you will notice it immediately on glass and chromed fixtures.

    6. I’m a huge fan. I have a bottle in the back of the car and re-apply on the regular!

    7. Can you use Rain-X on other parts of your vehicles besides windshields and car windows? I’m speaking of hoods, grills, bumpers etc. Please advise!!!

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