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The Best Vehicle Debuts from the Tokyo Motor Show

The iconic Japan Mobility Show, formally known as the Tokyo Motor Show, started on the 26th of October, 2023, and finished on the 5th of November, on this year after several year hiatus. During this time, in its true style, it displayed all Japan had to offer this year regarding automotive design and engineering. Several new releases from high-profile brands such as Honda and Lexus stole the show, along with exciting releases like the Daihatsu Me:Mo Electric vehicle. Here are the most interesting new releases from one of the most famous motor shows in the world.

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Honda Prelude Concept

Since a trademark filing from Honda was leaked earlier this year, rumors have been building that they will revive the Prelude, which hasn’t been sold in America since 2001. Well, it seems like the rumors are true. The Prelude is coming back as a two-door coupe that is a hybrid instead of a full EV. This is an interesting move from Honda as sedans are becoming less popular, with people opting for small SUVs instead. But many Honda enthusiasts should be excited with the return of the Prelude.

Tokyo Motor Show

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Infiniti Vision Qe Concept       

The Vision Qe concept is Infiniti’s first electric vehicle. This will be built in Mississippi, America, along with a new Nissan model. This new Infiniti EV is a sedan with a huge front grill, two doors, and futuristic black wheels. It is a sleek, modern, and is one to watch.

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Lexus LF-ZL Concept

The Lexus LF-ZL concept is a part of Lexus’ grand future plan, which includes a fully electric vehicle line-up. This vehicle is like its sister, the LF-ZC saloon, but is a larger SUV with dimensions of 2200mm wide, 1700mm in height, and a wheelbase of 3350 mm. It also has the same motor and batteries, just a larger version to fit its exterior body, and a driving range of over 600 miles. Like many new vehicles, it looks as futuristic inside as outside. This vehicle heavily relies on a touchscreen for nearly every interior feature, including transmission controls. Overall, it is a stylish model to add to Lexus’s repertoire.

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Mazda Iconic SP Concept

The Mazda Iconic SP Concept is tagged as the new MX-5 Miata, as there are several similarities between the two models. It is slightly larger than the original Miata and has black trim throughout the exterior, giving the illusion of the roof being cut off. But it has taillights and pop-up headlights, just like Mazda’s iconic sports car. Even though this is a homage to the past, adding an electric powertrain with a two-rotor rotary range extender gives it a modern flare. This could be the revival of Mazda’s Miata.

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Nissan Hyper Force GT-R Concept                 

The Hyper force GT-R concept is Nissan’s foray into electric supercar territory. Its striking design includes Lamoburgini-esque doors, quad-round taillights, matt exterior paint, and a GT-R rear badge. It produces 1300 brake horsepower plus any power output, which makes it about as subtle as Elton John. This model, one of five “hyper” EV concept cars exhibited by Nissan, shows a different future for this company.

Tokyo Motor Show

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Subaru Sport Mobility Concept

When you first set eyes on the Subaru Sport, it seems like a standard saloon shape until you notice it is wearing a type of hat. But do not worry, they are not trying to sell you a car with a huge roof rack; it is the vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) flying car concept. It is an interesting release from the Japanese automotive company. Along with the VTOL, it looks more like a Mustang than a Subaru due to its new headlight arrangement. It is larger and broader with two doors. It is an exciting look into Subaru’s future.

Tokyo Motor Show

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Toyota EPU Concept

Toyota released the concept of its Toyota EPU at the Tokyo Motor Show. This model is a rival to the Ford Maverick compact pickup truck that has been dominating this corner of the market since its release. The Toyota EPU Concept contains an electric powertrain engine and a solid exterior presence. If released in America, it would be a futuristic and eco-friendly offering that could have a significant impact.

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Daihatsu Me:Mo

The Daihatsu Me:Mo is an EV designed for city driving. Its unique selling point is that it can evolve with the driver’s lifestyle. As the driver goes from a single, fast-paced lifestyle to a family, slower-paced life, it will grow with you. For example, during the Japan Mobility Show, it was displayed with a child-friendly interior design, including a multi-colored interior, toy storage, and a sandbox. 

 Overview of Tokyo Motor Show

Overall, many exciting displays were showcased from a wide range of automobile manufacturers. There were several international displays from companies like BMW, Renault, and BYD. As over one million people visited the show this year, it is a large and captivating audience to showcase the new automobile concepts that may be released in the coming years.

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