Rivian R1T

The New Rivian R1T Electric Truck

Is the R1T the future face for pickup trucks?

There are a handful of new and innovative pickup trucks hitting American roads in 2021 but few can compete with the fully electric, Rivian R1T truck. Originating in Plymouth, Michigan, the Rivian semi-autonomous electric car company is releasing a truck that brings futuristic luxury and performance that many have yet to see. 

Truck enthusiasts who are  shopping for their next upgrade may want to wait for the 2021 release of the Rivian R1T electric truck because it offers a fantastic combination of power, class, and advanced versatility that is changing the way we interact on and off the road. But is the Rivian R1T really the future for both truck and electric vehicle lovers? 

Below are some of the stand-out features that truck seekers can expect behind the wheel of the Rivian R1T. See just how this EV truck is becoming a pioneering force in the world of electric car technology.

What powers the Rivian R1T?

As of 2020, there are three electric power range options for the R1T model. They are the:

  • 105.0 kWh
  • 135.0 kWh
  • 180.0 kWh 

When it comes to electric engine innovation, the Rivian holds its own when compared to the power of other midsize trucks in its class. With an all-electric engine that offers up to 750-horsepower and a towing capability of up to 11,000-lbs. The  Rivian owners can expect excellence throughout each commute or towing operation. The quad-motor system enhances control and traction and 0-60 mph in 3 seconds will make you feel like you’re behind the wheel of a sports car.

Who doesn’t love “going green” and eliminating the necessity for oil and gas? Earth conscious drivers can rest easy knowing the Rivian R1T can make it 400 miles on one full charge which is plenty for your weekly work commute or weekend road trip out of town. The Rivian pickup truck combines efficiency with power which is a top selling point for active drivers. But how does it do when up against nature’s elements?

If you live in an environment where it floods often, or you frequent the muddy trails on your days off, the Rivian R1T holds a wading depth of up to 3-feet and the rugged all-terrain tires are designed to conquer dirt and rocks.

How versatile is it for towing and camping?

Towing up to an estimated 11,000-lbs and offering a payload of up to 1,760-lbs is outstanding for a fully electric vehicle. Pull your family boat or weekend camper with ease, and don’t sweat a thing when it comes to packing on roof rack attachments for your bikes or kayaks. 

What makes this electric truck unique is the storage space. With a front trunk or “frunk,” as well as a rear bin storage, or “gear tunnel,” which is a lockable 12-cubic feet of equipment space within the truck body. 

Designed for the modern day utilitarian who loves adventuring off-road, the Rivian R1T also sports rear spare tire storage and a flexible and collapsible crossbar system that sits above the bed of the truck. This mechanism creates a durable rack set up for transporting equipment like mountain bikes, and or space for your off-ground tailgate tent platform.

What’s the interior of the Rivian R1T electric truck like?

The Rivian R1T gives drivers a stylish truck with its stadium-shaped headlights that are bright white across the bold front end. With a digital dashboard with over-sized touchscreen that connects you to your multimedia and smartphone needs, there is a hint of sophistication within the truck’s leather trimmed interior and spacious cabin. 

Plus, the green charge light indicator across the hood is a slick way to let drivers know when the vehicle is ready to hit the road. As of now, there is no absolute information on what connectivity interfaces will be available for the R1T, but by looks of the interior design, it will be above par compared to gas driven trucks for 2021.

Is the Rivian R1T truck safe?

Experts have yet to conduct a crash test for the Rivian R1T. Like most modern EVs, it will most likely feature available adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning systems, and automated emergency braking. It’s said that the R1T will have level 3 autonomy which still requires human override, but available driving aids will assist drivers with some aspects of their daily commute. 

Will this EV truck benefit new truck buyers?

There is always a risk when being the first person to try something brand new. The hype behind the Rivian R1T truck release is substantial. With its innovative design, strengthened capabilities, and interior styling, it may be a new fave truck for many. 

It’s still too early to tell if this EV truck will be a tremendous success for this start-up automaker. 2021, however, is going to be a year to remember. The public will have the chance to put this all-electric truck to the test.

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    1. Semi-autonomous makes it sound like the truck should at least partially be driving itself. Should have an AI co-pilot.

    2. cool article !

    3. Only time will truly tell for this one for sure. 400 miles on one full charge and electric that amazing. Definitely see good things for this vehicle.

    4. A fully electric Truck? I love it! I especially love the futuristic look and feel of the Rivian. The shape and look of the headlights make it truly unique. The pixilated picture here does it no justice.

    5. Awd burnouts in an Electic truck? Sign me up.

    6. 750hp and 0-60 in 3 seconds, I’m in. Maybe I can talk my wife into one for her next car.

    7. Interesting vehicle! We need more variety and competition for this type of vehicle so we can drive the price down and get more manufacturers to offer even better options.

    8. 0-60 in 3 with 750hp! I’m sold. Headlights a different, but I can get used to it!

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