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Why Your Family Needs an SUV in 2020

It’s 2020 and as your family grows, so does your need for a family SUV. Let’s face it, sedans are becoming less common as crossover SUVs take over and the traditional five passenger and family SUVs dominate the roads and highways. There are so many sport utility vehicles to consider driving in today’s world. Between compact, midsize, and family SUVs, you’d be surprised at the usefulness you can get out of an SUV compared to the typical sedan.

For newly wed couples ready to kick start their family or for the family who is searching for a bigger SUV to compensate for their third or fourth child, read below to see how families benefit from driving a sport utility vehicle compared to a sedan.

Is there a major difference between owning a sedan and SUV?

Sedans are nice, but they’re not great. For the single commuter or uber driver shuttling around clients, a compact or midsize sedan works ideally and drivers can save some money on fuel. However, there are some differences between owning one of the two, and if your family is downsizing to one vehicle, here’s why you should consider choosing an SUV for your every commute.

Your safety on the road is everything

Having some extra steel and bulk around you on the roads is never a bad thing. SUVs tend to be larger than most cars with larger horsepower, and a more robust body size. If you’re searching for an SUV with driver assist features, many of the new sport utility vehicles after 2018 include enhanced safety features such as:

  • Steering assist
  • Lane keep assist
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Advanced brake assist
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Radar Cruise Control

Be sure to investigate your prospected model and trim to see if it has advanced safety features, and also, investigate to learn about your intended SUVs airbag system. 

Accidents happen and when they do it’s best to be protected. Some modern day SUVs also include advanced airbag systems that include side-curtain airbags that can create additional protection in the instance of a collision. Essential safety for your back seat riders, plus with the ground clearance and width of many SUVs, you have 

Space and comfort while driving

Interior is everything when traveling with your family, and if you feel cramped in a sedan with car seats, it’s only a matter of time until your kids outgrow the back seat legroom. SUV’s add the comfort within hip and shoulder space, and some even have foldable third-row seating. 

Sport utility vehicles also tend to offer extensive cargo space that allows more storage capacity without weighing down your rear axle. More space means more room for the diaper bags, strollers, sports gear, or anything home improvement items you need to ship from the store to the home front. 

Versatility and customization

Is your family active in the outdoors or in the community? There will be times when you require the means to ship more people around then expected and having the room available is a plus, but one feature many sedans lack is customizable versatility.

Of course there are sedans that have the opportunity for adding aftermarket attachments, but more than likely, car buyers will have to pay more for a trim level that makes customization possible. On the other hand, most standard trims inside the world of SUV models come standard with the components needed to install items such as:

  • Rear cargo organizers
  • Rooftop kayak or paddle board racks
  • Luggage rack
  • Bike rack
  • LED Light bars
  • Step Bars

Does choosing an SUV mean higher gas payments?

Yes and no. The forward motion of the auto industry is creating more fuel-efficient vehicles that are larger in size and capability. Though some full-size SUV models can cost you a great deal at the fuel pump, many of the newer models hitting the market offer hybrid engines or flex-fuel engines. In some cases, you may fill up a compact SUV or crossover while paying the same amount you would for gassing up a sedan.

At the end of the day, a reliable sport utility vehicle is an extension of your family. Gain the confidence on the highways with size and reliable safety. Customize your vehicle to fit your active family lifestyle and commute. Plus, if your family is downsizing to one vehicle, you will most likely spend less money on overall fuel for one SUV, rather than two cars.

Research your vehicle and check out our SUV comparison of the Honda Pilot versus the Subaru Outback if you’re undecided between a full-size SUV or crossover. Always test drive and ask the dealer questions about your future SUV to make sure you make the right choice.

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    1. I still like the sedan, I like being lower when I drive, not up so high. But the variety of SUV’s is growing and I like a lot of the newer choices.

      1. IN theory, I agree… but I also worry about everyone else on the road. Ideally, everyone is low to the ground, and not driving behemoths.

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