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The Riveting & All-Electric Eyeful: 2023 Porsche Taycan Review

In 2016, Bloomberg embraced reality head-on by claiming: “The whole world will change; It’s looking like the 2020s will be the decade of the electric car.” Many car buffs were nervous at the thought of “audio-enhanced” systems created to mimic the engine’s roar. From virtual PR briefings on Zoom to crowded track-hound bars, purists were hesitant about clean energy’s arrival. True experts have noticed similarities here to this German great’s 1980’s models and tilted the scales toward their favor. The 2023 Porsche Taycan is a prime example.

Porsche’s beginnings embraced kWh instead of petrol

This company’s founder Ferdinand Porsche was captivated by electricity’s potential even during his younger years. In 1893 he ingeniously installed a visionary electric lighting system in his parent’s home. Five years later, he designed the Egger-Logner C.2 Phaeton, which achieved a top speed of 25 km/h. During the 1900 Expo in Paris, his electric wheel hub motor was presented for the public to see.

The “Semper Vivus” was the world’s first hybrid car. The Lohner-Porsche technology at the helm was advanced at the time, but the car’s heavy weight was a negative factor. More than a century later, lithium-ion batteries became the power source for the Cayenne S Hybrid. The 918 Spyder became the world’s first plug-in hybrid in 2013, with an all-electric range of 22 miles. The current state of electrification that Porsche has achieved is remarkable!

What is new for the 2023 Porsche Taycan?

Previous models of the Taycan had already seen a major update to the battery that increased its range and charging speed. The infotainment display comes with a more visually appealing interface that boasts split-second reflexes. For exciting nights out on the town and a memorable visual aesthetic, Taycans with the panoramic glass roof will feature Variable Light Control. A low driving position and charismatic styling set the new Taycan instantly in a category just as memorable and impressive as the 911.

The benefits of tomorrow’s performance today

The current Taycan line features dual electric motors, and different trim levels range from 522 horsepower from the 4Sup to 750 hp from the range-topping Turbo S. The Taycan 4S trim nailed the 60-mph sprint in just 3.4 seconds, with the robust Turbo S getting there in a mere 2.4 seconds. So many different qualities make today’s Taycan come alive with sci-fi-inspired candor, all while remaining true to the brand’s vivacious swoop and swagger.

Will “Earth-Friendly” guarantee satisfaction?

The Taycan’s driving range is not quite as far as some of its rivals such as Tesla. Ratings vary from 208 to 246 miles, with each battery model operating on an 800-volt architecture. The peak charging rate is now situated at 270 kilowatts, with larger-battery models charging from 5 to a startling 80 percent in just 24 minutes. During Car and Driver’s thousand-mile EV1000 Rally, they break down the realities of charging differences as of this writing.

“The view is sporty + captivating here” – The 2023 Taycan’s interior

Other players on the field such as Alfa Romeo and BMW have offered up interiors the past few years that embrace simplicity. Following this trend yet still providing a sizable list of luxury options, you can opt for upper-end materials inside the Taycan. There are other various comforts such as massaging front seats, a heated steering wheel, and four-zone climate control. Here are some photos from Car Buzz that highlight the retro-looking clock and glimpses of the infotainment setup.

I’m curious about the tech goodies! What’s on board?

Along with a curved 16.8-inch display where the gauges reside, two touchscreens man the infotainment system. As many other models the last two years have provided, there is a 10.9-inch touchscreen available for the passenger. The PCM system has also been optimized to improve response time. While searching for the nearest charging hub, you can also filter out stations that are on the lower end if you’re in a hurry. All Taycans will now be prepped to operate with front and rear cameras through Porsche Tequipment.

Innovation challenges tradition: is the 2023 Porsche Taycan worth the cost?

Many are beginning to believe in the appeal of electric power gradually, even though a few still cringe at the thought. After all, this is Porsche we’re talking about, which serves up a legendary blend of status and athletic chops. Edmunds.com’s review firmly claimed that “The Taycan is not some sort of half-baked release.” Motor Trend also praised the 2023 model for being “blisteringly quick and expertly designed.”

What do you think of the 2023 Porsche Taycan? Feel free to tell us here in the comment section, or brush up on your Porsche history with another feature article about the 911 of ours here!

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    1. It looks like even with a few hiccups, electrification is going to be awesome in the future- You really went in depth here and explored whether or not the model has a soul.

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