Car insurance is a necessary evil. With the responsibility of car ownership comes the need for car insurance. No matter where you live or how often you drive, your car must be insured. Finding the best car insurance coverage can seem overwhelming with the amount of policies available. Used vehicle owners should pay special attention to what type of insurance is really necessary. Do you need full coverage or does the age of your vehicle become a determining factor?

Depending on the type of car and the insurer you choose, the cost of auto insurance can vary. It is important to understand the different types of car insurance coverage before settling on a specific policy. While most insurers charge less for used cars, some insurers may charge more. Therefore, you must do your research – keeping in mind that your driving history will greatly reflect any premium you receive. 

How to get car insurance coverage when buying a used car

Once you receive the loan or title to your used car, the first thing you must do is apply for car insurance. This action is necessary because you will need proof of insurance before registering your vehicle at your state’s DMV. Basically, if you want to drive your car (legally), you need to acquire car insurance ASAP.  

The easiest way to shop for auto insurance is by getting an online quote. With a quick search on Google, you can visit various insurance websites to apply for coverage. Some companies will even provide a free quote within minutes. If you’re looking for a more personalized experience, you can visit a local agent to negotiate pricing and discounts in person. Either option is suitable, but it is always recommended to receive multiple quotes before deciding on the best insurance coverage for your vehicle.  

What coverage should you choose?

There are several factors to consider before choosing a policy – including your budget and lifestyle. There is no correct answer, which puts the decision in your hands. While minimum coverage upholds liability protection, it does not pay for the replacement or repair of your vehicle in the case of an accident. Full coverage includes comprehensive coverage and collision coverage – but it comes at a higher cost. Meaning, the more coverage you buy, the higher your premium will be. 

With that being said, a used car owner may opt out of comprehensive or collision coverage when his/her vehicle is older than 10 years. For example, if your 11-year old Honda Accord has seen better days, then full coverage may be a waste of money. Essentially, buying full coverage may cost you more over time than the actual cash value of your car if an accident occurs. Since insurance rates do not change drastically in accordance with value, you should stay mindful of how much your used car is really worth insuring. 

The following will highlight two insurance companies that provide excellent coverage for used car owners. 


Everyone knows the GEICO Gecko and his continued commitment to saving people money on their car insurance. That tiny, green lizard keeps us laughing, but GEICO’s affordable rates keep their drivers happy. As an established insurer, GEICO has built a reputation for offering the lowest rates in the auto insurance industry – with over “75 years of savings and service.”

With a 97% customer satisfaction rating, it’s easy to see why so many drivers turn to GEICO when insuring their used car. By offering low premiums, drivers of all ages and demographics have access to cheap auto insurance. In addition, they offer great multi-vehicle discounts for families seeking car insurance coverage on multiple means of transportation. 

State Farm

As the largest auto insurer in America, it is obvious State Farm has gained the recognition of millions of drivers. With approximately 19,000 agents nationwide, every driver is entitled to personalized assistance when insuring their used vehicle. The process is as simple as connecting with a State Farm Agent in your local area. These agents are committed to answering your questions and helping you face any financial burdens that may arise.

Although their rates can fluctuate in price, State Farm offers excellent car insurance discounts for those who are looking to reduce their premiums. For example, you can save up to 30% through their Drive Safe & Save discount. As a used car owner, you can take advantage of these awesome discounts – including rental car coverage and rideshare insurance. 

Used car coverage = preference    

Choosing the right car insurance coverage is a subjective experience – no matter how old or new your vehicle may be. The best car insurance coverage for you might differ from a friend or family member. You will likely rely on your own instincts or the advice of professionals when seeking the proper coverage for your used ride. Remember to never settle on the first quote and always seek the best rate; being a used car owner will likely work in your favor. 

Whether you’re ballin’ on a budget or looking to spend an absorbent amount on your safety, it all comes down to your personal preference and driving history. Take the time to research established companies, like GEICO and State Farm, who are committed to providing affordable coverage to used car owners. When the right car insurance coverage lands in front of you, it will be impossible to deny.

Linzi Martin
Linzi Martin has worked as a content manager, consultant, and writer for the past six years. She's handled everything from blogs and articles to e-books and social media content. Her work has been featured in various publications including Apartment Guide, The Startup, and Voyage Magazine. Outside of work, Linzi enjoys staying active, frequenting new restaurants around South Florida, and spending time with her family.

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    1. I have to admit I have never shopped for car insurance. I’ve been with State Farm my entire life. Anyone else in the same boat as me?

    2. great article! very informative 🙂

    3. A lot of these insurance companies offer discounts for a safe driving history. If you’re looking to save money, that’s something else to consider when shopping around for a policy.

    4. At a young age I would over hear my mother talking about car insurance. Seems odd maybe, but there are some terrible drivers where I am from and almost everyone in my family has been in a very bad accident or two. My family has used all the major companies: Allstate, State Farm, and then settled on Geico for the last few years. When I paid off my car and decided to shop for possibly a different rate, I chose to go with Progressive. With an older used car, limited coverage was recommended. Typing your information into numerous sites can be time consuming, but necessary to find the best rate. And you may be surprised in the great price differences between companies for the same coverage.

    5. Wow what a great article!!! I actually need to save this to my faves, i’ll definitely need this information in a few months when I start shopping around soon for my first car. Always good to know the differences and comparisons of each company.

    6. I’ve had GEICO for a while, and I like their mobile app and coverage options. Im going to quote the major insurance providers when I get my new vehicle, because it seems like switching insurers regularly is the only way to ensure your rates are competitive.

    7. Like Jay, I have had State Farm most of my life. I think the only other car insurance I ever had was Prudential and they don’t even insure cars in Fla anymore. It’s important to use a large stable insurance company so when you need them they are there and don’t try to cut corners when fixing your car or paying for bills.

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