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Useful Car Accessories: Our 7 Favorites

Your vehicle does more than just get you from point A to point B. Sometimes, it is the place you spend most of your time. Whether you have a long work commute or love a good road trip, your car becomes your secondary home. That’s why you need useful car accessories to make your cabin more homey.

With this in mind, it is important to have the right accessories to make your time in the car enjoyable. With the help of these car accessories, you will find yourself more organized and prepared for when unfortunate mishaps occur. 

Check out the seven most useful car accessories to add to your vehicle this year.

1. Car diffuser

Home diffusers have taken households by storm, so why not add them to your car? Luckily, this trend is here to stay and make our lives a whole lot sweeter. Now you can eliminate any odors from your car with a tiny diffuser. With a wide variety of scents and essential oils to choose from, you can make your vehicle smell extra fresh at an affordable cost. 

2. Wheel desk, one of the most useful car accessories

In 2020, we learned the art of adaptation. For sales reps and busy travelers, this accessories is about as good as it gets. An actual desk for your car. Imagine the next time you’re on your lunch break or stopping for food on a road trip, you have a convenient tool for making your time in the car that much easier. 

(Of course, don’t utilize while driving.) 

3. Car hook 

Almost everyone knows the frustration of a messy vehicle. If you have a busy family, it’s easy for things to disperse throughout the car, maybe under the seat lost for eternity. Purchasing a car headrest hook is a great accessory to add to your vehicle this year. These easily attachable hooks offer convenience for sports bags, grocery bags, or toys. 

Check out how the car headrest hooks work below:


4. Multi-purpose seat organizer

Who doesn’t love more storage? With a well-equipped seat organizer, you will find a spot for everything (including extra cup compartments, USB ports, tablet and phone storage). This is the perfect accessory for families who need the extra space for kid toys and books that their young one can easily access. 

5. Phone holder

There are not many things we do today without the use of our phones. For this reason, a phone holder is one of the most practical accessories to gift your car this year. To avoid distracted driving, it is the optimal choice for using hands-free communication. It will even prevent you from having to dig for a phone in your purse, which is a leading cause of distracted driving. 

6. Hand sanitizer

Yes, it’s 2021. And yes, coronavirus cases are still through the roof. If you haven’t caught on yet, hand sanitizer is still the most important accessory to have with you at all times. Keep it in your purse, in your car, home. No matter where you go, this car accessory is a must. 

We recommend storing it in the center console to avoid heat exposure. 

7. Emergency safety kit to round out our list of useful car accessories

When disaster strikes, you’ll wish you had an emergency safety kit in your car. Whether you want to build your own or buy one on Amazon, it is an essential accessory for all drivers to have, especially for those who experience harsh winters. 

Do you have an emergency safety kit? Find out other ways to improve your safety on the road aside from these seven useful car accessories.

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