We’ve talked about new EV charging stations in Florida, fuel efficiency standards across the nation and even GM’s projected 20 models set for release by 2023. But one thing we haven’t touched on is this: mobile charging stations for EVs, a snazzy genre of tech led by two pivotal, US-based companies.

Check out the FreeWire Technologies Mobi EV charger

FreeWire is a company from San Leandro, California that’s known for its fast charging tech. The Mobi EV charger is basically your typical Level 2 charger, but there’s one caveat: it’s on wheels.

FreeWire knows that infrastructure takes a long time, and legislation moves even slower. At the same time, they know just how much range anxiety puts a damper on EV sales, ultimately hindering the process of reducing the auto industry’s carbon footprint. Their solution? Mobile charging stations for EVs.

Of course, the size of the Mobi EV charger isn’t exactly tote-able, but people can keep one of these mobile charging stations on site for their employees or visitors to wheel to their car and charge up.

FreeWire also created the Mobi Gen, a generator for events and construction sites that totally wipes out the need for diesel in this context. Check it out:

The SparkCharge modular fast-charging system is wild

Since 2017, Massachusetts-based SparkCharge has been working to get their mobile charging stations for EVs out into the world. This one is small and lightweight enough to keep in your car and charge up on a moment’s notice, giving it tangible potential in the real-world market.

This system is modular, which means it comes with a series of cylindrical battery cells that you can stack on top of each other, depending on how much power you require. At most, SparkCharge provides 20 Kw of continuous power (with a mile per minute during charge time).

As a Black-owned business, SparkCharge is killing the game. They’re fighting range anxiety and making EV-ownership more accessible for the common driver, one module at a time.

You can say hi to CEO and founder of SparkCharge, Josh Aviv, on Instagram.

Investment is bringing these mobile charging stations to fruition

Both FreeWire and SparkCharge are experiencing success when it comes to courting investors. 

FreeWire raised $25 million from BP Ventures, ABB Technology Ventures and Energy Innovation Capital. Back in 2018, they raised millions from Volvo Cars and BP.

Just this year, SparkCharge raised $3.3 million in seed money from Point Judith Capital, with the total funding raised reaching $5 million since the company’s start.

Not too shabby for a couple of companies focused on mobile charging stations, huh?


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    1. At first I was a little confused since I am not too educated on EV.I thought we were just talking about a portable charger. But now that I know what it stands for it’s interesting to me how cars can work with energy now , not just on gas. Technology just keeps growing. I cant wait to start seeing cars flighting lol.

    2. SparkCharge definitely looks the most convenient. These new technologies are changing the game and diminishing the few cons of owning an EV.

    3. It is crucial for mobile modular battery packs to be developed for EV drivers to extend the range of your vehicle. Just how you can store multiple 5 gallon gas containers at your house, we should find a way to store portable charging batteries too –something that can be carried and placed into the trunk of a car.

    4. The modular battery packs look pretty awesome. Its defiantly going to help with the distance problem stoping a lot of buyers from going EV.

    5. What a great idea! I’m sure there are some hurdles with security and availability on a larger scale business model.

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