The 2021 Toyota Mirai is not a new model, but the changes in this year’s variant make it feel like it is. Since its launch in 2016, the Mirai has come a long way in proving the potential of the hydrogen-fueled sector.

What’s new for the Mirai in 2021?

2021 Toyota Mirai Image Source: Toyota Pressroom

The 2021 Toyota is a long, lean, emission-free machine. As it leans into the second generation, it’s clear that the Mirai is much more attractive than its stout predecessor.

It’s interesting that Toyota made such an effort to redesign this sedan given the obvious predilection toward crossovers and SUVs today. However, it looks good enough that I feel the emphasis was worth it.

What really changed, however, is performance and capability. The driving range is longer (by 30%, up to 402 MPGe), the performance is stronger (31 additional horses for a total of 182 horsepower, plus 221 pounds-feet of torque), and the availability is much, much broader.

Additionally, the Mirai no longer resembles Toyota’s own Prius, but rather reflects the base of the Lexus LS, a stylish luxury sedan that sits just a bit longer on the wheelbase than the Mirai. Because of this, the Mirai has room for five individuals (as opposed to just four). Thanks to a  switch from front- to rear-wheel drivetrain, the vehicle maintains close to a 50:50 weight distribution for heightened hydrogen fuel efficiency.

Meanwhile, the hydrogen fuel cells themselves are more efficient. They function with assistance from oxygen surrounding the vehicle, which pumps up the electricity in the vehicle. It also fits in the floor, compared to its former clunky location under the passenger floor. A lithium-ion battery even helps to store surplus energy for future usage.

Headlights on the 2021 Toyota Mirai

Both models of the Mirai (XLE and Limited) come standard with bi-beam auto-leveling LED headlights. Multi-LED front and rear turn signal indicators, clearance lights, and side marker lamps (the latter of which are etched with the Mirai logo) are also included. Additionally, daytime running lights come standard. All of this is emphasized by a gorgeous satin-black front grille.

The tail lights are LED, too, helping achieve heightened road safety from all angles during night time and inclement weather driving.

What’s inside?

A dual-fixed panoramic moonroof sits atop the vehicle. Drivers can select upgraded seating materials like perforated, embossed faux leather. Heated and ventilated seats (both in front and in the rear) increase comfort, and there’s even multi-color ambient lighting available for good cabin vibes.

A JBL sound system makes listening to music and podcasts that much more enjoyable. Amazon Alexa joins Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for a more robust integration. And—as always—Toyota includes Toyota Safety Sense in the mix, this time with version 2.5+. This means full-speed range dynamic radar cruise control, steering assist, lane tracing assist, road sign assist, and more.

Bottom line on the 2021 Toyota Mirai

This hydrogen sedan comes at a good time. Regulations are shifting in favor of greenified vehicles, and hydrogen is one way to expand the market beyond your typical hybrid solutions.

The second generation of the Mirai proves that change is possible, even plausible, as the 2021 Toyota Mirai wipes its wheels with its own 2016 version.

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    1. I like it. It’s pretty.

    2. Toyota has finally produced an attractive eco-friendly sedan that doesn’t just appeal to hipsters. I’m glad to see a hydrogen vehicle that is sleek –for once!

    3. This is way too nice to be a Toyota in the USA. If Toyota ever brings it over, it will be a Lexus.

    4. looks good !

    5. this is a toyota I actually want to get. This is really nice. I hope it does well enough.

    6. It is really nice, I agree with Andrew if it comes to USA it will probably be a Lexus

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