For some buyers, shopping for their next car can feel like a chore. For others, it can be an exciting time to upgrade. No matter the perspective of the potential buyer, the process of buying a car remains the same. Whether you’re in the market for a previously owned or new automobile, there are important factors to consider before making a big-ticket purchase.

There are countless brands, models, must-have features, and price tags to choose from. Some buyers are drawn to sleek body shapes or ultra-lux interiors. Some are motivated by trade-in values or low-interest rates. And nearly all buyers are determined to negotiate an affordable price, so they can drive away knowing they made a great deal.

There is one feature, however, that many car buyers tend to overlook – the importance of headlights and what type of headlight is included in their purchase. Headlights are vital to the functionality and design of every car production, yet most car buyers know little about this feature.

The following will demonstrate the importance of headlight safety and why potential buyers are becoming more informed on this vital feature during the car buying process.

Why are headlights imperative to car safety?

Car manufacturers have reached new acmes in terms of safety technology. Today, the latest vehicles include high-tech features like blind-spot detection and emergency braking. These features provide a solution for safer driving – with the goal of preventing or lessening the severity of an accident.

Though manufacturers uphold a continued commitment to consumer safety, headlights are a less discussed feature among potential buyers. Why is this? With the majority of accidents occurring at dawn or dusk, the discussion of headlights and headlight safety should be more relevant than ever. Think of the last time you drove a car at night or on a dimly lit road. Imagine not having the guidance of those two, illuminating bulbs.

Pretty scary, right? The fact is without headlights our cars could not function, much less our day to day lives. Safety should be the top concern for all prospective buyers, and headlights are an integral part in achieving those standards. Headlights are necessary for:

  • Evening visibility
  • Proper illuminance
  • Preventative glaring
  • Optimal performance

Ideally, all dealerships would provide the highest quality headlights for their customers, no matter the brand, model, or year of manufacture. That is not the case. Car buyers need to acquaint themselves with headlight safety laws in order to make well-informed purchases. The good news is you can rely on Headlights Depot to provide expert advice on all things headlight related during your car buying process.

Becoming knowledgeable is a progressive step towards understanding and prioritizing your level of safety on the road. After visualizing yourself behind the wheel of an unlit vehicle, most car buyers would agree that headlights warrant a bigger discussion and higher consideration during the car buying process.

Does the type of headlights matter?

The answer is yes. Searching for a new car can become time-consuming. Buyers are jam-packed with a lot of information all at once, and it is easy to lose focus or become blinded by fancy features like leather interiors or automatic start technology. Don’t let this happen! To help ease the process, car buyers should make a checklist comprised of their top features, safety requirements, and financial boundaries – most importantly, their ideal headlight preference.

Headlight preference relies vastly on the driver’s lifestyle. If a potential buyer is prone to driving at night, long distances, or through fickle weather conditions, then he/she should purchase a vehicle with LED or HID bulbs. These bulbs are known for their energy efficiency and strong illumination. They provide wider coverage on the road, thus giving drivers an advantage in spotting oncoming traffic, especially in obscure conditions.

If a buyer is looking for a more economical choice that is also widely accessible, then a standard halogen bulb could be the best option for his/her vehicle. These bulbs are the most affordable choice and have been utilized by car manufacturers for decades. They emit 450 to 1000 hours of light and provide sufficient optics for both daytime and nighttime driving. Although they are less energy efficient, they are easily replaced when a headlight upgrade is needed.

There are pros and cons to each style. It really comes down to preference. Make sure to ask your salesperson about what kind of headlights are offered and why. Beyond your own research, it is beneficial to further educate yourself through the car buying process. The salesperson works directly in the automotive industry and will offer an additional perspective.

Where to get quality headlights?

Do you love a specific brand and model, but don’t love the halogen headlights? Or maybe you are concerned that your car manufacturer has let you down. In such circumstances, there is no need to fret. The solution is simple.

By visiting Headlights Depot, car buyers can explore various headlight options at a range of prices. They provide replacement bulbs, taillights, brake lights, and more. As a family-owned business, they are committed to customer safety and providing professional service at a cost-effective price. Take the initiative to browse their wide selection while building your understanding of headlight prototypes. You are sure to find the right fit for your new or used vehicle!

Knowledge is power

Here is the bottom line. Being an informed buyer builds confidence and gives you the upper hand throughout the car buying process. No detail or feature is too small, and headlights, as we know, are crucial. Whether you like the look and efficiency of LED and HID bulbs or you need the ease and affordability of a halogen headlight, car buyers should know their preference. It is worth dedicating the time and research to find the headlight option that best suits your lifestyle.

Michaella Malone
Hello! My name is Michaella Malone. I am a graduate of Florida State University with a B.A. in English. I am a freelance writer with varied experience in ghostwriting, blogging, and resume building. I have additional knowledge in creating content for ESL curriculums.

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    1. The headlight choice one makes on a car also affects the aesthetic of the car, giving it a unique character or appearance, which is also something to consider.

    2. This was really informative. This would have been great knowledge when buying my first car. This definitely should be something that is added in to the car buying process because you may have a nice car but if you can’t see then you are set for failure.

    3. You really do get what you pay for in the auto industry. A luxury car will have LED HID Adaptive lights where a lower tier car will usually only have halogen so for the HID LED type headlight and you will have to pay extra for a higher trim package.. something to consider great article!

    4. Headlights should definitely be a part of the buying process. They are coming out with new features for them, like Adaptive headlights

    5. Some of the most impressive headlight technology and features are only available on certain models or trim packages. It is worth the time and effort to find out what features you can get with all different trim packages for the same vehicle model. Vehicle lighting makes a huge difference for night driving and not all lights are created equal.

    6. When purchasing my wife’s last vehicle we struggled with the upgrades. We really wanted the factory LED headlights, but we needed to upgrade from the SE to the SEL for the LED headlights. It was a $5,000 upgrade and we didn’t care about all of the other comfort features it offered, we only wanted the better headlights. Although we would have preferred the factory LED headlights, we chose to save the 5k and opted for a future upgrade to aftermarket LED bulbs. Diode Dynamics make the best bulbs for this route

    7. Something to also keep in mind: If you are upgrading to LED bulbs after the fact, make sure you are purchasing the correct bulb size. Also watch out for the bulbs with giant fans on the back as they tend not to fit into the housings. The Diode Dynamics bulbs don’t have the huge fans in the backs so they fit right in.

    8. This article was great. The most important part I found was highlighting not only why we should be paying attention to the headlights when shopping for our next car, but why certain specifications may be important to look out for. Though the beginning outlined what we typically are focussing on during that trip to the dealership and why headlights are an important safety measure, I found myself searching for the informational portion of the article. When looking at headlights in my new car prospects, what am I looking for? That was the information I found valuable. With so many different headlight types and features, knowing the differences gives me something to research when choosing my next car.

    9. I loved this article, I think the headlights are one of the most important aspects of your car or truck. Great lighting is essential in safe driving and even if you cant buy your new car with the newest LED or HID lighting you can always upgrade and get that same great and safe light aftermarket for a fraction of what the factories charge for OEM upgraded headlights.

    10. Lifestyle is definitely important. What you use your vehicle for on a daily basis should definitely be a factor in your decision. If you’re a night driver, you’ll want to look at something that gives a good output. However, if you don’t drive much at night, that may not be a necessity. Standard lighting may be perfect. Doing a little research will really help your decision.

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