Where to Road Trip During Spring 2020

The spring season is a great time for those quick getaway trips out of town. For college students leaving campus after finals or the daily worker seeking time away from the office or job site, driving to your next spring break destination is doable if you know where to travel. If you’re prepping for spring break and searching popular road trip destinations, we have five spring break locations that offer amazing fun!

Before you take off, it’s important to remember that vehicle checks are just as important as packing your suitcase. Before taking off on your spring break road trip, be sure to inspect the functionality of your headlights to avoid any visibility problems on the highway or when coming across inclement weather.

Orlando, FL

It’s almost necessary in today’s world to escape reality, even if it’s only for a few days. Orlando brings the nostalgia of driving into your favorite theme parks and outside the gates of Disney and SeaWorld are handfuls of restaurants and outlet malls to explore. The weather is perfect for taking a dip at the water parks, and there are plenty of lakes and activities in Orlando that your friends and family will love.

Orlando is located in Central Florida and is an easy-to-reach driving destination. No matter where you’re coming from on the highways, you won’t have to drive all six hours through the state of Florida to reach the land of entertainment.

New Orleans, LA

Have a craving for Cajun food, Zydeco music, and a party that never fully dies down? New Orleans is a gulf coast city in the state of Louisiana and if you’re a music lover, foodie, or both, you have to check out New Orleans at least once in your lifetime. Easy to reach from the midwest and the southeast, if you’re single and traveling with a crew of friends or with your family, New Orleans is a must-visit destination for all.

Family fun is easy to find outside the restaurants and bars on Bourbon Street. New Orleans is home to several museums, historical attractions, and family-friendly art galleries located throughout the city. There are also a plethora of places to check out when it comes to trying phenomenal cuisine, desert, and dancing throughout the city. All you need for New Orleans is a great pair of walking shoes and an appetite for great food and fun.

Big Sur, CA

An amazing destination for couples and small families who love photography; California’s central coast offers picturesque beauty and attractions that will make you drive home feeling more rejuvenated than ever. Venture out on hiking trails or go horseback riding on guided tours at Big Sur National Park and welcome springtime along the Pacific coast.

There are even more campgrounds and state parks surrounding Big Sur that are easy to visit such as Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Andre Molera State Park, Garrapata State Park, and Limekiln State Park. Kick back and enjoy the outdoors as you’ve never experienced it before and hike the amazing trails to rocky points that offer breathtaking Pacific coast views.

Winter Park, CO

Love skiing on fresh powder? Have you always wanted to give snowboarding in Colorado a shot? The slopes in Winter Park, CO make for a wonderful getaway for families and friends who wish to experience a winter wonderland. Rent rooms at luxury style lodges, or reserve an Air BNB at a secluded cabin in the hills. For road trippers living out west or in the midwest who love the mountains, Winter Park also offers an enthusiastic nightlife and fine dining.

Start the days on your trip early with a sauna date and catch up with old friends in one of the many exclusive spa locations in Winter Park. Colorado is a top pick for families who love to remain active and adventurous on spring break and if you love snow sports or want to see mountains covered in snow before temperatures heat back up, Winter Park awaits you.

Lake Tahoe, NV

Split between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe offers incredible natural landscapes with tons of activities. Not to mention that the drive into Lake Tahoe from any direction is beyond scenic with winding roads and mountainous lake views.

Make sure your camera is charged and you’re wearing your best active gear when trotting down the trails and get ready to burn off those winter calories you accumulated over the winter. Spring break temperatures in Lake Tahoe are chilly, but with the sunny days that bless the area, you can watch the beginning stages of an earthly spring come to life.

Fantastic cuisine and landscapes that bring enlightenment to your active lifestyle and cravings for a sweet escape. Lake Tahoe is a road trip destination that is fun by car or RV from either direction of this border lake.

Be prepared: Order new headlights before your road trip

At the end of every road trip vacation, nothing compares to pulling into the home driveway. Let’s face it though. Summer is right around the corner, and more road adventures await you.

It is of the utmost importance to ensure your vehicle is fit for the highway before taking off on your hard-earned spring break. Double-check the quality of your bulbs and headlamps along with the condition of your engine and tires before and after each road trip. It may just save you from an accident or a citation during your travels.

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