2024 Lincoln Nautilus

Why the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus Is One to Watch

Certain automakers keep us captivated year after year with the introduction of new car tech, fresh releases, and remakes of old classics. A perfect example of this is Ford’s reimagined Bronco, which has since earned a top spot on nearly every driver’s most wanted list. The excitement of having a bit of the old mixed with the new is driving the current market, aside from the obvious uptrend in electric production.

In order to get on board with the times, automakers are challenged with the task of delivering cutting-edge technologies and updated styling that satisfies the modern consumer. To put it lightly, the pressure is on. And perhaps, more now than ever before. While some name brands, like Ford, are paving a new road ahead, others are seeping beneath the cracks and losing the loyalty of interested buyers.

It’s fair to say that Lincoln, the luxury division of Ford Motor Company, is one of those brands. After a tumultuous recession and growing competition in the luxury sector, the automaker has failed to make a full comeback within the last decade. While shifting consumer tastes are part to blame, Lincoln was slow to part ways with classic sedans that once shone brightly among their lineup.

Fortunately, we’re started to see a new era of Lincoln. One that auto enthusiasts are sure to take notice of.

SUVs are the name of the game

As a carmaker that’s been innovating for over a century, it’d be hard to envision an automotive market without Lincoln piled within it. They remain a legacy namesake despite having countless financial setbacks in the last decade or so. While they were once most notable for the Lincoln Town Car and celebrity-favorite, Navigator, the shifting times have demanded a new niche, the mid-size SUV. The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus falls in that category. And, is proving to be just the right model to bring consumers back.

Introducing the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus

The 2024 Nautilus is here and it’s undergone a full revamp from its 2019 predecessor. Built on a new C3 platform shared by Ford Bronco Sport and Maverick, consumers can expect a sleeker, more elongated sport utility model. It comes equipped with light accents and sophisticated styling that mimics current market trends. The V6 powertrain was swapped out for a 310 horsepower hybrid four-cylinder power plant, guaranteeing a powerful punch. Another thing we already love about the Nautilus is it comes standard with AWD. That means no need to upgrade to enhance the vehicle’s grip. You can venture out on any terrain with little worry.

Its price falls right around the national average. It’s selling just over $50,000, which is still lower than most competitors in its class. While the new and improved Nautilus has amped up exterior and interior styling with an all-new digital cabin, what we love most is the accessibility that it offers. More consumers will get a taste of luxury. Even though Lincoln isn’t necessarily the “luxury brand” that consumers spend hours gawking over, vehicles like the Nautilus are taking things up a notch.

The 2024 Nautilus upholds the value of a true Lincoln model all while pivoting the brand into the future. Unique to the 2024 model, enthusiasts will appreciate the leather-wrapped two-spoke tiller with flat top. Other features include keyless entry, new LED taillights with animation, and up to 9 wheel options. If you haven’t already, take a moment to watch the video above. There you’ll get a complete look at this mid-size model!

Final thoughts

The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus is definitely something to consider. Especially if you’re in the market for a mid-size SUV in 2023. Besides offering a sleeker appearance and updated performance, the Nautilus proves that luxury can come with fair pricing. Although there are many options currently available on the automotive market, the Nautilus is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. You’ll find everything you need in this Lincoln SUV. Which is why, we’re interested to see if the total revamp will be enough.

Begin customizing your order today on Lincoln’s official website. There you’ll find all the features included in this mid-size SUV. If you’re not interested in buying, take a moment to share your thoughts on the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus below. Tell us: Would you consider this luxury mid-size SUV? Do you think this model will help save the Lincoln namesake? We want to hear your thoughts!

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    1. Looks great 👍 As long as it has Hybrid. And no EV
      JUST RIGHT SIZE WITH TODAYS SLEEK STYLEING. I Have bought 18 new Lincolns. I Now drive 23 Lincon Aviator 3rd Aviaror. Looks like next Lincoln will be Nautlaus. GREAT JOB LINCOLN!

    2. I love learning about the new Lincoln model and new design upgrades.

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