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“Wild One” Life-Size Buggy is Making Nostalgic 80’s-Kid Dreams a Thrilling Reality

Tamiya has long been a staple of Christmas Eve and birthday surprises for years, as they are a premiere manufacturer of off-road RC buggies. Both electric and Nitro models can be incredibly fast, and off-road models have just as functional suspensions and wide tire selection as life-sized models. Founded in 1946, Tamiya has rightfully earned a reputation for producing models with segment-leading quality and scale detail.

Making Nostalgic 80’s-Kid Dreams a Thrilling Reality

Tamiya has gained a reputation for having the world’s primo-grade quality when it comes to mold accuracy, and they even make kits for simple robots. They have now announced a partnership with The Little Car Company to make so many 80s kids’ dreams come true by creating a full-size “Wild OneRC car. It is officially ready for pre-order, conjuring up many livid dreams of tearing up dunes, urban roads, and abandoned lots nationwide. It will most definitely develop an immediate fanbase, as the brand is a bona fide creator of vintage “Scooby-Doo” grade fun of past eras.

What’s there to know before I’m ready to pound sand?

This is a quite faithful recreation of the 1985 “Wild One” RC car and even has the same sponsor names from yesteryear on its frame. Since this is a full-size drivable buggy, it boasts two Cobra Racing bucket seats with four-point harnesses. Catering to the tech wishes of today’s consumer, there is also an IP-rated 5-inch touchscreen. The power is provided by 8 separate battery packs that total 144 kWh.

These battery packs are on the small side by today’s standards, weighing just around 1,100 pounds. This is one of the traits that render it perfect for tackling sandy terrain, with specific performance stats to come soon. Other awesome tidbits along for the ride are Bilstein shocks with Eibach springs, Brembo brakes, and Maxxis Bighorn tires. Much like the terrain-conquering Jeep brand, there are precisely calculated approach, departure, and breakover angles for versatility.

Will I get a ticket for happily (and quietly!) blasting through my hood?

This fun and long-awaited answer to summer boredom won’t be street-legal in every market, but there will be street-legal packs for the car in both the EU and UK. This will at least assure that can quality as a quadricycle, and we definitely have our fingers crossed hoping that they will be legal here in the States. Production is scheduled to begin in early 2024, with the first 100 models sold will be the elite Wild One Max Launch edition.

We are thrilled to see what this esteemed firm will be like. Beyond the making of some of the hands-down coolest RCs ever produced. They were behind the pure genius and hours of fun in the form of the Bugatti Baby II, Ferrari Testa Rossa J, and Aston Martin DB5 Junior. The pre-production model debuted to the public two years ago, excited onlookers fantasizing about burning rubber far and near.

A step back to easier times + seating for two

It is not so often that the technology of today provides a rebirth for the excitement of a different time, and this is one stellar example! We admit when we saw this that our thoughts drifted to ET eating Reses Pieces, the detention in The Breakfast Club, and afternoons spent with Super Mario Bros. It’s also very awesome that two can join in the fun, and you’ll be blasting through anything from state parks or abandoned parking lots at speeds up to 60 mph.

This is twice as fast as the prototype from 2021. This team has done a tremendous job of bringing this blast from the past to life. CEO Ben Hedley claimed during a press conference that the making of this model was a success. Industry experts are confident that there will eventually be more than 100 released as soon as the first allotment gets in the hands of eager sand-runners.

Diecast-model-grade dreams supersized:

There is nothing right now in series production that is remotely like the Wild One MAX. diehard Baja enthusiasts will appreciate the sensation of scaffolding around them and insects taking up residence in the grille! The fact that it’s eco-friendly and prepped for all types of terrain will render it an excellent benchmark for things to come, and we’d love to see organized racing of these bad boys come to fruition.

One of the other models in the making out there is the Meyers Manx 2.0. it comes fully assembled and has a very cool aesthetic that is reminiscent of the original, which is designed by the minds behind the VW New Beetle. This release will also be low volume, many suggest a bit more durable too. It is likely to be street legal in the U.S. The aesthetics here are a bit more swooping, and this model could tend to stay upright a bit easier when truly put to the test.

Ready to switch from RC to full-scale Wild One?

What do you think of the Wild One? Are you certain that modern technology has fully “got the back” of this remote-control favorite? Not having to worry about re-fueling will likely attract enthusiasts who are eager to drive buggy style at their own pace and location. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or check out another article about essential off-roading tools for your next adventure.

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