Iconic Track Listed For Sale

Willow Springs Raceway’s Uncertain Future: Iconic Track Listed for Sale

There are locations in racing history that have a penchant for consistently rising above average! The Willow Springs raceway in California is known as one of the best-preserved sites to scorch tires in the nation. With 62 years under the excellent watch of Bill Huth and his family, the future is quite uncertain as this iconic track is listed for sale. 

Iconic Track Listed For Sale

Willow Springs has been known for functioning so well as a very accessible place where dreamers and lovers of all things high-octane can drive. The official listing for the track’s pending sale was on Loopnet. It links out to a dedicated URL that provides details about the track’s history and appeal. The price is not yet officially disclosed, and the staff of The Drive has already called to inquire. 

Don’t Panic “Pedal To The Metal” Style Yet! 

Most of the nation’s savviest experts on racing believe that this is NOT going to be another real estate developer’s playground. Its extremely elevated desert locale and description in the listing could prevent an unwanted fate. There may be a good chance that it could end up being repurposed as a higher-end, private location.  

The claim within the listing that Willow Springs’ rental rates are 55% below normal is one clue. The suggestion that facility improvements are needed is another hint that this location’s accessibility may soon dwindle. Long-term garage rental and increased concession sales are other suggestions made in the listing. 

A High-Speed Haven: Unveiling This Legendary Layout:

A detailed look at Willow Springs today offers seven complete tracks, including the legendary Big Willow. This amazing segment was featured in the defining and classic race film Gran Turismo. These very challenging layers offer a skid pad, autocross setup, and a classic dirt oval. Many first-rate track days and club races have chosen this as their location. 

The Drift classes and multiple film shoots here are the stuff that pavement-scorching dreams are made of! The vibes here at Willow Springs have always been the polar opposite of pretentious. It is currently showing a few various forms of wear, such as typical cracked pavement. The Ford Vs. Ferrari scenes here truly channeled the spirit of 1960s racing. 

Blueprints of Brilliance: The Design and Development of Willow Springs

Willow Springs was originally opened in 1953. The postwar era had spurned a need for an accessible yet thrilling track in southern California. A few NASCAR races were not quite enough to render it a desirable pro track. Bill Huth purchased the track in 1962, and had originally intended to use it for drag racing only. The designated area actually turned out to be too short for this purpose! 

As more tracks were added over the decades, the owners were very careful to preserve the track’s unique vibe. Bill passed away in 2015, but his family operated the track by closely following his blueprint. Willow Springs has been so well-loved over the years due to its challenging status and open-sourced operating style. 

Racer’s Gauntlet: This Track Gem’s Thoughtful Complexity 

Willow Springs International Raceway is a startlingly fast 2.5-mile / 9-turn circuit. It still remains completely unchanged from its 1953 blueprints in action. If you’re going to master cornering here, you can count on speeds of up to over 170 mph during your feat! Guests can also visually take in the entire course’s vista from just about anywhere. 

RV enthusiasts and campers can enjoy some of the racing world’s best amenities here. This track is so universally awesome that it was named a point of Historical Interest in 1996! For the time being, all open, convertible/ roadster cars need a roll bar to safely participate. 

The world-famous Horse Thief Mile section is a 1-mile road course with 11 expert-grade turns, situated amongst a very cool canyon landscape. Additionally, the Kart Track section of Willow Springs offers 9 turns of paved sprint goodness for through testing and tuning. The Walt James Stadium section offers a purebred, All-American ⅜ mile banked oval dirt experience. 

Delving Into the Unknown: A Car-Lover’s Climate of Instability

Have you ever been lucky enough to get your eager hands on Willow Springs? The racing climate has seen an air of instability over the past few years: fans are loving the big-ticket items such as Formula 1 in Vegas, but high inflation is still persistent this summer. However, there may be a suitable buyer for Willow Springs out there somewhere! Even though some avid drivers don’t have much good to say about it, the numerous courses here are still rich with memories.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, or check out another article about this year’s Miami Grand Prix!

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