2024 Rivian R1S

2024 Rivian R1S: A Review

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity with every passing week, but their technology is still in its infancy. Due to its early stages, certain areas of this market still haven’t been fully taken advantage of. One of the areas that has yet to be fully exploited is the three-row SUV. This type of vehicle has a wide-ranging customer base with various useful features, such as ample cargo space and excellent driving range. Rivian is one of the few automotive manufacturers that has developed a three-row SUV that could hold its own against more established SUV brands.

Under the Bonnet of the Rivian R1S

Under the bonnet of the Rivian R1S is very similar to the R1T pickup. There is a standard dual motor with the support of an electric motor on each wheel. This produces a combination of 600 horsepower, and it comes with all-wheel drive. There are three battery options for the R1S, including the Standard, Large, and Max. The Large and Max battery comes in a quad motor, and the Max battery can produce 835 horsepower, which propels the SUV to complete 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds. 

These batteries give a broad range of driving options to choose from. The standard battery should last on a full charge for up to 260 miles, the Large battery will last up to 352 miles when fully charged, and the Max battery can last up to 400 miles. Regarding fuel economy, the Rivian is similar to the Audi Q8 e-tron, with 73 MPG in the city, 65 MPG on the highway, and 69 MPG combined.  

On normal roads, the R1T pickup has better handling as it has a different chassis setup, but the R1S really excels when it is off-road. This SUV is just as impressive as its R1T counterpart due to its air-spring suspension, providing this vehicle with 8 to 15 inches of ground clearance. Also, the electric motors on each wheel give the SUV high traction, making it suitable for various surfaces, even three feet of water. It also has a towing capability of up to 7,700 pounds. 

Rivian R1S

The Exterior of the Rivian R1S

The exterior is sleek with clean lines and contains the Rivian distinctive headlights. It comes in two trims, the Adventure and the Adventure All-Terrain. From expert opinions, the best configuration for the Rivian R1S is the addition of the Adventure trim, as it comes with all of Rivian’s best features such as panoramic sunroof and a built-in torch but upgrades the battery system from the standard battery to the Large so that the driving range increases to 352 miles, but the price tag does not rise dramatically. 

The Interior of the Rivian R1S

Within the interior of the R1S SUV, it can seat seven passengers comfortably over three rows. It has a sophisticated design which includes leather upholstery and wooden accents. It has an infotainment screen  and a screen for driving information, such as the speedometer. The infotainment display contains features, such as navigation, climate control and Wi-Fi. Media such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not included, but other useful features, such as a wireless smartphone charging pad and Alexa, are present. 

In the rear, there is a large cargo space and a third row of seats, which gives every owner a range of possibilities, whether it is going on holiday or taking the family bikes for a new adventure. The second and third rows can be folded down to provide an even bigger storage space if needed. There is also a 12-foot front cargo space. 

The Rivian R1S has several driver-assistant technologies to assist the customer’s overall driving experience including adaptive cruise control, emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane-departure warning, automatic high-beam headlamps, and lane-centering features. 

The Price of the Rivian R1S

The R1S has a starting price of $74,900, but that can increase depending if any extras are added. It also comes with a warranty covering the full vehicle that will last either five years or 60,000 miles. The battery and drivetrain have separate coverage for eight years or 175,000 miles. Even though this warranty is comprehensive, it does not contain complimentary scheduled maintenance.

Overall, this is another great release from Rivian. It takes advantage of a section of the electric vehicle market that has yet to be saturated with rival vehicles.

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