Cadillac Celestiq

A Look Into the $300,000 Cadillac Celestiq Concept

GM’s luxury baby, Cadillac, one of the most distinguished and oldest car brands in the world, has recently revealed its plans to release its next flagship vehicle. But this comes as no surprise. The “Celestiq” concept has been years in the making. In fact, its quietly being fine-tuned by GM’s engineers and design team as we write this feature. Its production quality is expected to be impeccable, as it is rumored to be more than $300,000. Although GM has neither confirmed nor denied the price tag, the Cadillac Celestiq will be competing with the likes of Rolls Royce, Bentley, and many other supercar brands. Basically, all the models with MSRPs greater than most people’s homes. 

Luxury: meet your new friend, electricity

Similar to nearly all other major car brands, GM and Cadillac have taken the past decade to create and produce vehicles for the modern era. And, in this modern era, that means out with the gasoline and in with the lithium-ion battery packs. Yup, that’s right: Cadillac’s Celestiq boasts fully electric capabilities to compete with Tesla, Mercedes, and Porsche. Luxury car brands have noticed that their customers are beginning to become more and more interested in the EV (“electric vehicle”) movement. Some consumers are turning to electric for the positive impact on the environment, while others simply like the speed and agility these electric automobiles offer. Maybe a bit of both, eh? 

GM’s Cadillac Celestiq will most likely be powered by its self-branded “Ultium” battery, a lithium ion battery pack. The Celestiq is one of many EV models that GM has revealed as using the Ultium battery. This is all in a commitment towards a greener future. The Ultium battery will be a major competitor in the category. In addition, it will hopefully boost a fully charged range over 300 miles per charge. 

Hand made, custom, and bespoke 

The Celestiq will make its official debut in 2025. Cadillac has also said that it is investing around $81 million in GM’s Global Technical Center located in Warren, Michigan, to support the supply production of the all-new Celestiq. By making such a hefty investment, it is no secret that Cadillac is doing all that it can to impress. 

Pricey perfection in the Cadillac Celestiq

At a price tag of around $300,000, the buyer of a Celestiq will expect near perfection. And Cadillac plans to offer just that. Its released concept pictures show a sleek, sexy design, with futuristic LED lamp headlights, a gorgeous optional, bright red interior, and a coupe-esque, sporty wagon feel. Each Celestiq will offer an array of custom, bespoke options for its purchaser, from exterior to interior. Although a complete list has not yet been released, we expect that nearly every option will be available. From seat stitching color to heads up displays. From rear seating entertainment systems to all the bells and whistles that a $300,000 car could possibly offer. All things considered, we expect Cadillac to go all out with this new concept. And with good measure.

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