If you haven’t heard by now, Audi is in the works of a new headlight design that resembles something out of a sci-fi movie. The Audi AI Trail Quattro concept vehicle looks like it belongs on a foreign planet that’s far outside of our solar system. However, this moon-rover type vehicle is built to conquer earthy terrains and has a handful of unbelievable amenities that may just change the way off-road enthusiasts experience the wilderness behind the wheel. 

Before we roll into the rundown on the futuristic drone headlights, we’ve provided a list of specs that this luxury off-road vehicle brings to the table and how Audi may just transform your future trail riding adventure.

How powerful is the Audi AI Trail Quattro? 

There’s no doubt that Audi is keeping up with the EV craze with electric motors that compete with high-end electric vehicles. Audi’s signature Quattro all-wheel drive enhances controllability and grip over gravely terrains. The AI envelopes everything electric pre-birth with 4 electric motors that give drivers 429-horsepower and 738-lbs-ft of torque. This is huge for an EV of its stature. The AI Trail concept model may be capable of traveling up to 300-miles  in range so if you plan to hit a nearby campsite or off-road trail in your county, you’ll have plenty of battery power for a full weekend of muddy adventures. Keep in mind that not all the long-lasting power is there for EV off-road vehicles. It’s said that battery power drains quicker on hilly and rocky terrains and available range will still get you through but it will decrease to about 155-miles. 

Don’t let the new concept photos fool you either. The Audi AI is no monstrous SUV as its size is relative to something in-between a Mini Countryman and BMW X5. The body style is a postmodern dune buggy and with rugged all-terrain, geometric tread tires, 22-inch wheels, and 13.4-inches of ground clearance raising this glass pill-shaped cabin this small tank also carry an oversize roof rack capable of transporting a full family’s worth of camping gear.

Audi AI Trail Quattro interior & exterior

This Audi AI concept mode details an exquisite-looking interior that is sharp and sporty with a hint of luxury. With woodgrain door panels and bucket seats that give a futuristic, hammock-like hover appeal above the floor. You’ll fully feel like you’re riding in something straight out of a sci-fi film from the early 2000s and more than likely you’ll have all of the latest multimedia and navigation technology and connectivity offered by Audi.

The wide, overly large tinted windows give the vehicle its bold sleekness but the glass doesn’t appear flimsy like other electric buggy imitations. The angular and almost subversive style glass takes up a majority of the door space and its sharp edge is aerodynamic and ultra-reflective. 

Prospecting buyers of electric recreational vehicles will not only receive LED lights on the Audi AI Trail vehicle but also the first-ever, drone headlights. Yes, you read that correctly. Audi has drafted an idea that gives adventure junkies drone headlights that will scout the areas ahead of your off-road path.

Introducing Audi’s drone headlight concept

There’s no doubt that off-road drivers will always use LED light bars and nothing beats the customization aspect of your mud truck or dune buggy but the Audi AI Trail vehicle leaves out the necessity for traditional light attachments. Those LED hood ornament days are over with the Audi drone concept but is it for real? Here’s how it may, or may not work in the long run.

The AI Trail will connect to an autonomous drone much like today’s DJI owners with their personal drones. As of now, the drone headlight concept takes a lightweight, triangular shape and its design ignites the view up ahead with Matrix LEDs. The Audi headlights, nicknamed the Audi Light Pathfinders, will have the ability to harness into the car body and charge up while on the go making them ready on demand when you need to further your headlight capability most.

So are these drone headlights even necessary for off-roaders? Seems like a killer concept, and who wouldn’t want a drone button on in their vehicle that can send off a fully LED-lit craft into the air? The drone headlights by Audi may not be the most practical feature or selling point, but they are pushing the boundaries of driving technology. Sure, you may not need to endanger the lives of woodland creatures or other nearby campers by sending out your drone scouts to let things know you’re coming, and there might be some hazards to consider with these drone headlights. 

There’s no doubt that drone technology has evolved to avoid obstacles with the ability to self correct when sensing danger, but how reliable is drone technology and safety combined with the world of driving post-2020? Drone mishaps happen, no matter how intelligent the technology is behind it. Time will tell, however, as of 2020, the idea appeals to tech geeks and car lovers obsessed with sci-fi movies and Audi style dune buggies.

If you’re on the lookout for traditional LED light bars for your SUV or truck, read our reviews on which one’s are best for your off-road excursion. Not ecstatic about the Audi AI Trail concept? Read up on other luxury EVs that we’ve compared.

Patrick Kirk
I am a full-time copywriter from Naples, FL and living in Austin, TX. I have written for the automotive industry for three years, and enjoy other hobbies such as camping and mountain biking. I received my Bachelors from Florida Gulf Coast University, and served in the U.S Coast Guard.

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