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Audi TT Now and Then: What’s Changed?

Audi is a German automotive manufacturer that is a part of the Volkswagen conglomerate. They are known around the world for high-quality, powerful engines and eye-catching designs.  Several Audi models have surpassed even their own expectations to become a popular, best-selling model synonymous with the brand. One of those models is the Audi TT. 

The Audi TT was first released in 1998 and instantly became popular with customers. It has a sporty exterior and iconic shape that was inspired by Porsche. Since then, there have been several generations of the sports car, with each being a massive hit 

So, how has the Audi TT changed from then to now? 

Four different models of the Audi TT have existed since its first release: The MKI, Quattro Sports, MK II, and the MK III. Within these models, there have been 2+2 coupes, two-seater convertibles, Sportier S, and even sportier RS versions. These variations started from the second generation.

Explore with us as we highlight the most memorable releases in the sections below:

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The Audi TT MKI

The Audi TT MKI was released from 1998 until 2006. It first appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a concept car three years before it was official release. This version was initially produced as a Coupe and then a Roadster. It had an all-wheel drive, two doors, and an award-winning interior. 

Audi TT

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The Audi TT Quattro Sports

The Audi TT Quattro Sports was released in 2005 on the 25th anniversary of the Audi Quattro and was in production until 2006. It is lighter than the original TT, weighing 661 pounds, but it was equipped with a more powerful engine. Its less heavy weight was due to the removal of several features like the rear seats, the harmonic damper, and the spare wheel, which is a little inconvenient for owners who get a flat tire. 

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The Audi TT MKII

The Audi TT MKII started production in 2006 and lasted until 2014. In 2004, Audi announced that any future cars would be made from a combination of steel and aluminum. Both these metals were used to give the vehicle a 50-50 distribution between the front and back of the car. Overall, this model was bigger than any previous models as it is longer by five inches and broader by three inches.

Another interesting feature was a retractable spoiler that went down when the car was below 50 mph and would go up if you reached speeds of 75 mph or higher, sports suspension to go with the spoiler, larger wheels, and a high-tech magnetic damper system. 

Audi TT

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The Audi TT MKIII is the present TT model on the market, which started production in 2014. Unlike the MKII, this model had improved specifications, including a modified body shape that was redesigned to be lighter, lower, and wider so that it could reach higher speeds. 

The last version (2023) of this model includes a Bauhaus-inspired exterior design with clean lines, extra features like a black trim pack, new headlights, a fixed rear spoiler, 20-inch alloy wheels, several exterior colors, and red brake calipers.

The interior has leather upholstery, an Alcantara steering wheel, red accents throughout the car, and a center console. The additional technology pack gives the vehicle a boost of modern technology with MMI Navigation, MMI Touch, and an infotainment service, which users can use to access a host of information easily from the car. Something the original TT would not dream about having integrated into its dashboard.  

Will the Audi TT become electrified?

Four years ago, Audi announced that the MKIII would mark the end of the TT model line, with production scheduled to cease this year. The decision to halt production stems from Audi’s strategic shift towards becoming a carbon-neutral company.

From 2026 on, Audi will only launch electric vehicles. But there are rumors that the Audi TT is being redesigned into an electric alternative and may include a saloon shape with four doors instead of its original two-door design.  

In response to the production ending, Audi has unveiled its final TT models, which include the S Line, Final Edition, Black Edition, S Final Edition, and RS and RS Sport Editions. Each variant boasts distinct features worth noting.

As the Audi TT era comes to a close, there’s still hope ahead. Fans will likely get a pleasant surprise with a new and improved eco-friendly version in the near future.

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