Whether you’re a last minute buyer or plan ahead with Black Friday Deals, gift giving becomes a top priority during the holiday season. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many gifts may be belated (whether they’re for yourself or others). Gifts for your car make a great belated offering, even in the new year.

Among the list of people (and animals) you cherish, there is one object that desires a little holiday cheer too. Yes, I’m talking about your car, because even it deserves a gift this year. Whether it’s something as simple as a shiny wax or some much needed vehicle maintenance, your ride will thank you for the added love. 

We’ve previously reviewed the best gifts for car enthusiasts, now it’s time to focus our attention on our beloved rides. Check out our top suggestions for holiday gifts for your car this season. The best part: you’ll benefit from the gift giving too. 

Disinfecting UV light

Amidst the pandemic, this might be the most appreciated of gifts for your car of all. Your car wouldn’t dream of becoming a vessel for germs, which is why a UV light is one of the best gifts for your car this year. The promising science behind this innovation and positive response from consumers make the Far UV (222nm) a perfect choice for your ride. Having shown significant proof in killing harmful bacteria that could carry COVID-19, it is worth the buy. 

New headlights 

At Headlights Depot, there is nothing we value more than a fresh set of headlights. Not only do headlights improve your car’s safety, it is one of the best quality upgrades for your car. If you want to switch from halogen to LEDs, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the extensive range of options and find your car the perfect headlamps this holiday season. 

Car washes make great gifts for your car

A simple scrub could do the trick to make your car feel brand new. With the new year approaching and the chaos of the holiday season, it’s important to make time for your car. Take it to a local car wash near you or improvise with an at-home wash station. Most car washes are offering extensive deals this holiday season so don’t wait until the new year to get a fresh look. 

Floor mats

While the pandemic has held us back from doing most things normally, we hope this year you’ve found some time to escape to the open road. You probably are in need of some new floor matts that are quality-grade and reduce dirt buildup. With WeatherTech, drivers can find a variety of premium floor matt options that are easy to clean and will remain durable with every new adventure.  

The gift of giving (and getting) gifts for your car

If you’re hoping to have your vehicle make it to 200k miles, it takes some extra love and care throughout the years. This holiday season is the best time to show your ride that you appreciate all those trips to college, family vacations, and holiday tailgates. It seems unconventional, but what wasn’t in 2020. It’s time to end this year with a bang and leave any unwanted scratches or bumps behind. Take advantage of the season of giving to get your car ready for 2021. 

Does your car need some holiday gifting? Tell us what you think below. 

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    1. Someone gift me car washes!!!!

    2. I don’t believe in the Disinfecting UV light, seems like a gimmick!

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