For many of us, your dog is more than just your pet. It is your companion, lifeline, and reason for your happy memories in life. You care for them, feed them, and make sure they stay entertained with long walks and a game of fetch. But most of all, you can’t imagine your life without them close by. Which is why dog safety matters so much.

With an abundance of love for these furry creatures, it becomes vital to keep their safety a priority. Thanks to the Furbo dog camera, paw parents can keep watch over potential mischief at home, but what about their safety in the car? 

Dog car safety is not something you consider often. In fact, you may have never even thought twice about it. It’s not because you don’t love your pet, you just don’t hear much about it or know much about the risks. In fact, 84% of dog owners do not keep their dog restrained in the car— meaning the opportunity for distracted driving and injury is ever present. 

In order to reduce the potential for distraction, check out our recommended tips for keeping your dog secure while in the car. 

Safety harness

Securing your pup with a dog harness is the first step in keeping him/her safe on the road. This widely used product will make sure your dog is protected if an accident or short stop occurs. 

Seat-belt tether

Once you find the right harness, it is important to buy a seat-belt tether. These easy-to-use seat-belt tethers are one of the most economical and efficient ways to keep your pup safe in the car. With products like Kurgo Direct to Seat-Belt Tether, you can secure your dog in the back seat, keeping them restricted yet safe in place while they ride in the car. 

Booster seat

Sometimes your dog just needs a little boost to make their car ride all more enjoyable. These booster seats offer the perfect vantage point to gaze out the window without roaming loose in the car. It’s the ideal option for small dogs who need the extra protection and safety. Just think: you don’t want your little guy smashing into a window when you have to make a sharp stop. 

Back seat hammock

If you drive frequently with your dog, a back seat hammock is a great option. It comes with several benefits that keep your dog safe and prevent any unwanted harm to your vehicle. The top benefits of the back seat hammock include:  

  • More spacious than a dog crate
  • Reduces slipping and sliding
  • Less dog hair
  • Protects the interior of your car 

Important tips for dog safety: what to avoid 

Traveling with your furry friend is always memorable. Who doesn’t love having their best companion closeby at all times? However, this doesn’t mean your pet’s safety isn’t at risk. Approximately 60% of drivers have admitted to being distracted by their dog while driving in the car. To avoid distracted driving, it is important to adhere to certain safety restrictions to keep all passengers (human and animal) safe while on the road. 

Heads and paws outside

Sometimes a little fresh air and the feeling of living on the edge is exactly what the doctor orders. We all like to live freely, but your dog’s safety must remain a priority. Even if your dog is desperate for some fresh air and that undeniable outdoor feel, it is important to keep your pup’s head and paws inside the car while moving. 

Front passenger seat

Your phone isn’t the only culprit of distracted driving, your pet can easily become a factor in diverting your attention. For this reason, it is recommended to keep your pup secure in the backseat. As much as you’d love to have them as close as possible, the back seat remains the safest place for your dog.

Darting out of the car

It’s easy for your pet to get excited when you park. Maybe you’ve arrived at the dog park or just made it home after a long trip. If you have an active pup on your hands, it’s likely they will want to bolt out of the car the minute you stop. Although it may be easy to just open the door and assume your dog knows better, there are hundreds of dogs that get injured each year because of this. The best option is to lease your dog before opening the door so you can keep close reign on them. 

Sit back and enjoy the ride

The next time you take your dog to a veterinary visit, remember to prioritize their safety just as you would your own. Although it’s hard to resist having them as a front seat companion, you wouldn’t want to increase the chances of distracted driving. Buying these dog safety products and following stricter guidelines will ultimately be the safest method for improving your pet’s safety on the road. 

Michaella Malone
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    1. The back seat hammock is super cute. One thing I have noticed a lot lately is seeing smaller dogs on motorcycles or scooters. It makes me so nervous. I am just glad that people have stopped putting their dogs in the bed of the truck.

    2. The Kurgo dog carrier seems like a great idea for my little mini aussies! I might get one to try out. Also, they had leashes that clip into your seatbelts in your car. That is a much needed when you hit the brakes quickly.

    3. The Seat-belt tether is great and super affordable. Seems like the most effective method to keep the dog restrained.

    4. I’m going to buy my puppy a harness and tether ASAP. This just makes sense!

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