Best Cars for Senior Drivers in 2020

Best Cars for Senior Drivers in 2020

While most drivers are in search of a reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle, senior drivers require a greater list of necessities. Senior drivers are not looking for the fastest engines or latest technologies, they are looking for a vehicle that is convenient and reliable. There are specific car features that quantify a vehicle as senior-friendly – such as roomy interiors, extra cargo space, and high safety ratings.

With a market full of options, it can seem overwhelming. You might find it difficult to determine what types of cars are best for elderly drivers. Before entering a dealership, it is crucial to outline your top car features. Familiarize yourself with nationwide automakers, whose brands manufacture some of the most reliable cars on the market. This will help ease the process of finding your next car, whether it’s a compact, sedan, or SUV.

The following are four car features to consider in your search – including a list of recommended makes and models that complement the lifestyle of a senior driver.

1.  Convenience 

As you get older, it becomes more difficult to get in and out of your car – making accessibility a top concern among senior drivers. You want a vehicle that includes wide-opening doors and spacious roof lines. You want to avoid any awkward crouching or high step-ins – which is why SUV and midsize sedans are great options. These types of vehicles help ease any physical limitations that a driver or passenger may have.

2.  Controls

Senior drivers are looking for straightforward technology, nothing that is too complex to operate while driving. Finding a car that includes user-friendly gauges will improve your adeptness on the road. These types of controls include radio dials, gear changes, power seats, and cruise control. By choosing a car with a practical system, you can maintain your focus on the road rather than a tricky display screen.

3.  Headlight performance

High-performance headlights are essential for proper illuminance, specifically at night.

Senior drivers require clear visibility in both daytime and nighttime conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to understand why headlights should be a part of the car buying process – and how it majorly improves seniors’ safety on the road. Whether you’re looking for a car or SUV, senior drivers will appreciate the inclusion of quality headlights.

4.  Safety

Emergency braking, blind spot detection, lane assistance, and backup cameras are important safety features for senior drivers. Since senior drivers are more prone to injuries, these safety features provide extra protection while on the road – and hopefully prevent any accidents from occurring. Although you cannot rely solely on these safety features, they are extremely helpful in keeping you safe behind the wheel.

Top-rated vehicles

Kia Forte

The Forte is an excellent choice for senior drivers who are looking for low gas mileage, an affordable price, and a high safety rating. In fact, the Kia Forte has one of the highest safety ratings in its class. The economical price will also keep your expenses low. With user-friendly controls, strong visibility, and great headlight performance, a senior driver can find comfort and safety in this compact sedan.

Toyota Camry

The Camry is a great midsize option for seniors who are looking for safety and dependability. The Toyota Camry provides wide-opening doors, tons of cabin space, and a sleek design. Toyota also provides standard safety technology, like lane assistance and automatic high beams, in all its models. In addition, all senior drivers and their passengers are guaranteed to love the smooth ride that the Toyota Camry offers.

Honda CR-V

This compact SUV is the perfect choice for senior drivers who require extra cargo space. The cargo area has a low lift access, which makes loading groceries or a walker become a stress-free process. The elevated height provides excellent visibility and accessibility for getting in and out of your car. To top off its advantages, the CR-V includes an open design with practical controls, making it one of the best cars for senior drivers in 2020.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

For senior drivers that are looking for luxury, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class provides lush interiors and unmatched safety features. For example, the newest models offer an airmatic system that can raise/lower the height of the car – making it extremely accessible for senior drivers to get in and out of their seats. The E-Class warrants a higher price tag, but it is definitely worth the guaranteed safety and luxury features.

Subaru Forester

The Forester is a great option for senior drivers that are living in variable weather conditions. It provides all-wheel drive, making it a smooth and safe ride for all passengers. This SUV ensures excellent visibility and comfortable interiors that can withstand durable use. The Subaru Forester comes with standard safety and headlight performance – however, the headlights are somewhat lacking compared to other makes and models.


As shown, there are a wide variety of suitable cars for elderly drivers. These recommended makes and models are just scratching the surface on options available. There is no rhyme or reason for which option is best, but you want a vehicle that is convenient and reliable. Every driver will have his/her own preference, so you must choose the option that best compliments your lifestyle. Remember to keep in mind top car features – like safety, convenience, controls, and headlight performance.

Ideally, you want a vehicle that will add value to your life, not take away from it. That is why finding a vehicle that is both practical and user-friendly will lead to an enjoyable car buying experience. Once you’re behind the wheel of your new car, you will be happy you took the time to determine what types of cars are best for elderly drivers.

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    1. And, of course, at a certain point, when one’s reflexes and abilities slow, one should stop driving.

    2. The new 2020 toyota corolla has some nice safety features

    3. Public transit is always a viable option. Otherwise, I’m fond of Nissan and Hyundai.

    4. There are so many features that enhance safety and allow ease when driving.Taking into consideration back up cameras and easy navigational buttons is very important. There is certainly no point in buying a vehicle with all of the bells and whistles with a thick book to learn everything. Sometimes it is important to keep it simple so that you are not trying to find a button for a simple task while driving. What a great point. As your eyes age visibility is definitely also important. Seniors may need to take into account whether a white or yellow light is better for them when they are on the road.

    5. I think CR-Vs are great overall cars especially for seniors because it has low gas mileage, not too big to drive or handle, easy controls, and spacious. Its not too low to the ground either so you can easily get in and out. Overall I agree CR-Vs are overall a safe car to buy even more so if your a senior.

    6. Senior drivers as well as good headlights, I would say need to also consider new brighter bulbs, maybe LED bulbs.

    7. Subaru Forester is the way to go, Senors need the All Wheel Drive. Better traction in snow or rain is always safer.

    8. I like the E-Class, but if the price is the issue the Forester would be my choice, the all-wheel drive is a must for me as a safety feature.

    9. Definitely all-wheel-drive, backup camera, and blindspot detection are a must!

    10. Any features that makes a vehicle easier to drive in any condition will make the vehicle safer. Mercedes and Subaru have features that make them easier to drive, and they have very high ratings and resale value. Take a look at the safety rating for each vehicle you are considering and you may be surprised how poorly or how well certain vehicles perform. Usually, the lower priced tiers of vehicles are nowhere near as safe.

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