Just when people thought Hummer was going to fade away into the space of lost and forgotten about SUVs like the Ford Sports Track and Chevy Avalanche, GMC has presented a whole new image as well as a power source for the upcoming release of the 2021 Hummer EV. If you have ever played the Halo video game on Xbox as a kid, the Warthog ATV that players would fight to drive, holds a handful of similarities in style to the new Hummer EV. Obviously this new electric SUV is far more  luxurious but everyone from nerds and old-time truck lovers are going nuts over this upcoming Hummer release for 2021.

If you’re ready to move on and sell or trade-in your current pickup truck or SUV, we’ve laid out some astonishing features and capabilities that GMC is bringing to the roads and off-road terrains near you.


What powers this electric beast?

The EV engine capability in this GMC Hummer is unreal. With the option for an electric engine that boasts 1000-horsepower with 11,500-lb.ft of torque which makes for an estimated 3-second track time when hitting 0-60 mph. The electric engine holds an estimated 350+ mile range for a single charge. Gain 100-miles of driving range in 10-minutes with the 800V DC fast-charger which is only available on select trims. There are also 2, as well as the option for 3 e4WD systems.

For the SUV buyers who want to establish solid means of towing for their next SUV purchase, the payload and towing capacities for the Hummer Edition 1 EV is remarkable when compared to other EVs. Tow your boat or camper with ease with a 7,500-11,000-lbs towing capacity. The Hummer EV also holds an estimated 1,500 or 3,500-lbs payload depending on the trim level you opt for.

Unique Hummer body style

Whether you enjoy the looks of a futuristic pickup truck or open-air SUV, the 2021 Hummer delivers a complimentary H-top option that brings a traditional Jeep-look to drivers who want to stand out from the ordinary on the roads and trails. The interior is fairly industrial-looking with two-tone color patterns and the cushiony interior appears comfortable but looks like it may take some time for the friends and fam to break it in.

This SUV tops many competitors because it provides a low center of gravity as well as the available dynamic suspension system which engages at high-speeds and lowers the vehicle to promote a flush and aerodynamic drive. Also, the traditional tow-hooks remain strapped to the front of the Hummer body, and a fully-armored undercarriage protects all the vital arteries of this sport utility vehicle from anything that can kick up while charging large puddles or rocky hills.

The new Hummer is bringing large 13.4-inch  touch screen infotainment displays to the center console and a digital cockpit which will give drivers an array of reading updates and performance factors. With other phone apps and smartphone platforms as well as several camera angle capabilities, the Hummer keeps the digital nomads connected no matter how deep the trails take you.

Innovative New Driving Technology & New Age Headlights

Of course with the all-new electric motor capability, there will be an addition to the many tech specs that have evolved over the years. The Hummer Edition 1 gives the latest and greatest driving tech with the hands-free driving technology with automatic lane changing assistance. The Supercruise Driving assistance system makes long-distance road trips or the daily errand run enjoyable and if you’re hitting the off-road trails, rest assured the crabwalk and 4-wheel steering assistance will optimize your climbing capability when faced with rugged and rocky terrains. 

The new age headlights for the Hummer EV Edition 1 give a whole new aesthetic to the body transformation of the Hummer. Like a neon light source from the Disney movie, Tron, the LED headlight strip is fully connected across the front fascia of the Edition 1 and the available fog lights continue to promote a sporty and adventurous look while optimizing visibility. 

Even when the Hummer is undergoing an overnight recharge in your garage or driveway, the option to have the low-white glow gives a night time glow that adds a luxuriant appeal to your home dwelling.

The all-new Hummer EV is a wild ride for the new or seasoned SUV lover and it combines new electric vehicle style with the rugged luxury GMC is known for promoting for drivers who seek an efficient and appealing vehicle. It’s one of the most anticipated rides for the upcoming years, and you will only see a handful of them as of 2021 because the first round of releases has been reserved by car enthusiasts and early-bird EV buyers.

More Hummer EV trims are in the works for the upcoming 2022, 2023, and 2024 years, so look out for fresh updates on the latest EV releases on our car blog and learn about all the details for new car arrivals and new car comparisons. Interested in other durable EV models? Explore the many benefits in the new Rivian R1T truck.

Patrick Kirk
I am a full-time copywriter from Naples, FL and living in Austin, TX. I have written for the automotive industry for three years, and enjoy other hobbies such as camping and mountain biking. I received my Bachelors from Florida Gulf Coast University, and served in the U.S Coast Guard.

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    1. The Hummers have come a long way. To me they will always seem a little over the top.

    2. Great article and the new Hummer looks and sounds amazing!

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