Honda NSX EV: A Review

Honda has been producing well-built vehicles for nearly eighty years, and this level of quality has been retained in its newer electric cars. With almost ten EVs within its newly formed electric repertoire, Honda is becoming well-versed in the highs and lows of electric technology, making it an excellent brand to invest in.  

Along with the imminent release of the Honda Prologue, developed in partnership with General Motors, a second EV, the Honda NSX EV, will also appear on the horizon soon. This article divulges what we know about the NSX EV and when it will likely hit our roads. 

 Unveiling the Honda NSX EV

The Honda NSX EV is Honda’s newest supercar, and it was confirmed to be in the pipeline by Honda through a picture of its exterior, which was revealed in January of this year. The NSX has been an icon for Honda lovers for a number of decades and is sure to be popular when it starts in production and hits showrooms. 


Image source: Acura-electric-vision-design-study-teaser-head-on-1.jpg 

It is the first car in Honda’s 0 Series. The 0 Series will comprise two concept electric cars that will be released as production cars in North America in 2026. Honda’s CEO has not yet released a definite date but has confirmed that work on the EV is “steadily proceeding.” This set of cars will receive a complete overhaul from Honda. It will have a wealth of technological innovations that will improve the car’s overall efficiency, reduce battery weight, and maximize the interior space. 

The exterior of the car has a minimalist and a low-to-the-ground design with a cab-forward profile. While this design may be used to ensure there are no distractions for the driver, it is indeed an EV you will not forget if you have the pleasure of seeing it on the road. 

The original Honda NSX, released in the 90s, contained a 3.0-liter VTEC V-6 engine and produced over 270 horsepower. The most recent version includes a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that is capable of reaching up to 520 horsepower and 191 MPH. These cars still sell on the used car market for a high price so we would expect at least these specifications from this new, revamped EV version.

Under its bonnet lies the most crucial part of an EV: the battery. For the Honda NSX EV, the battery will be slimmer than the battery previously fitted into Honda’s EVs. To support the battery, an e-axle drive unit, multiple motors, inverters, and a gearbox will be housed in one compact unit, which again ensures that every space is used to the best of its ability. 

What to expect

The NSX EV supercar could be Honda’s opening into the luxury EV market, and with the release of the Tesla Roadster in 2025, it may be the perfect rival of the EV heavyweights. To ensure the Honda NSX EV is hitting all the right notes that the market is missing at the moment, the research and development department at Honda thoroughly researched all the available electric vehicles on the market. From there, they figured out what works well and what features could be improved. It will be released worldwide, including North America, where many Honda cars have not been released.  

While it is unknown when the next snippets of information about the Honda NSX EV will be released, this exciting supercar will be one to watch. As 2026 creeps nearer, we will update this article once Honda releases more information on this vehicle.

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