Whether you’re a die-hard Apple aficionado or a true believer in Android technologies, there is one feature that remains constant in both brands: smartphone applications. Apps have quite literally transformed the way we live, but even more so, the way we drive. These comprehensive apps are the ones we found most convenient for the new year — including navigation help, parking locators, gas prices, and electric charging stations. 

Take a look at the top seven apps you should download by 2021. 

Google Maps

There is a reason Google remains the best search engine online. It’s technologies and innovation are unparalleled. If you use Gmail or google services on your computer or tablet, it will simultaneously keep track of the places you’ve searched on the Google Maps App. Even better, Google acquired the much adorned Waze, which helps drivers adapt to heavy traffic or hiccups on the road. With continuous improvements being made, there is no better GPS source on your phone. 


With an abundance of parking apps available, the choice between which parking locator to choose becomes difficult. They are all pretty great, but each come with their own set of benefits and restrictions. While in the past we’ve claimed Parkopedia to be one of the best, SpotHero’s discounts make it a win/win for 2021. Keeping in mind convenience, SpotHero is especially useful for drivers in large cities who need to reserve a spot ahead of time.  


If you are an avid road tripper then this is the app for you. Roadtrippers allows users to plan a complete itinerary, collaborate with fellow users, and discover secret destinations along your route. With the ease and accessibility of this travel app, any driver can make their time in the car a true adventure. With helpful reviews available along your journey, you will enjoy having the organization and added support. 


When it comes to saving-money, the GasBuddy app is your best friend. This gas application remains top on our list due to the various updates and accurate depictions of gas prices across the U.S. Whether you’re navigating your hometown or looking to keep fuel costs down on your next road trip, GasBuddy continuously delivers the most precise data to keep your wallet happy.  


Now that all-electric vehicles are taking over the automotive market, it makes perfect sense that our smartphone technologies are preparing us for an EV future too. With Plugshare, you can quickly find a mobile charging station near you without the added stress of mapping out your journey ahead of time. This simplistic driving app is crucial for all EV drivers, and can quickly inform you whether a nearby charging station has availability. 

Aceable made the best driving apps list

Some driving apps don’t just improve your driving experience, they improve how you drive. Aceable has taken Drivers Ed to the 21st century. That’s what puts this app on the best driving apps list. This app is particularly helpful for teenage drivers learning to drive for the first time as they prepare for their big exam. Even experienced drivers will enjoy the fun, interactive experience that Aceable provides to help improve their defensive driving. Aceable can even help lower your car insurance rate, which is something every driver will benefit from. 


This smartphone application becomes a lifesaver when you’re away from home. Sometimes your car will let you down. It’s inevitable. But instead of panicking, rely on RepairPal to solve all your mechanic problems in one place. By providing reliable repair quotes and an array of mechanics nearby, you can pick and choose which mechanic and price works best for you. 

Get (back) on track with the best driving apps

Some days we spend more time in our car than we do at home. After quarantining much of the year, the car is the one place we find refuge. Whether it’s taking a drive up the coast or exploring a new destination, our cars become our secondary homes. Some drivers have even mastered the art of working from their car — taking advantage of Starbucks parking lots or beach parking for a change of scenery. 

Though these seven driving apps are designed to improve your driving experience, there is nothing more important than safety. Remember to keep your eyes focused on the road and to use these smartphone applications with caution. 

Michaella Malone
Hello! My name is Michaella Malone. I am a graduate of Florida State University with a B.A. in English. I am a freelance writer with varied experience in ghostwriting, blogging, and resume building. I have additional knowledge in creating content for ESL curriculums.

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    1. The spot hero app seems great. Living right near the beach I always love going but can never find parking or it is way too expensive.

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