AEV’s Colorado ZR2 Bison

Outfitted For Overland-Conquering Extremes: AEV’s Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison

The last few years have seen customers scrambling to upgrade to aftermarket parts. While what rolls off the factory line on the truck is capable, it’s not quite “conquering-grade” status. AEV Outfitters is one of those companies that applies all-American elbow grease into each fantastic build they complete! Today we’ll look at their AEV’s Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison, which is a dirt and obstacle-traversing beast that anyone who is hardcore into off-roading would be proud to pound sand with.

The origins of this kickass and cutting-edge company:

AEV’s founder Dave Harriton gained his instrumental knowledge while he was completing stretching projects on TJ Wranglers for himself. His penchant for efficiency and engineering while studying at the University of Montana earned him a fully-fledged business school award. He eagerly set up his own shop right after he graduated in Missoula.

His expertly modified Wranglers began scooping up Chrysler Design Excellence Awards at SEMA shows, and eligible partners from Detroit were ideal for the manufacturing element of the final product. This A-list crew was the first to engineer a complete 5.7-liter or 6.4-liter HEMI V8 conversion kit for the Jeep Wrangler and are bona fide experts in real world and lab-style suspension testing. This form of rigorous trial and error guaranteed a level of quality that the most seasoned Baja runners and stream-fording guides of the wild can get down with!

The battalion-level durability of the AEV’s Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison:

The Colorado ZR2 had already existed as an ideally mid-sized and maneuverable number that is very capable straight from the factory and was built for the task of taking on more technical terrain. Once AEV made the excellent choice of getting their hands on the ZR2 Colorado and ZR2 Bison for some industry-changing tweaking, it was officially settled that only superior and next-level craftsmanship would do.

The first time I ever rode on a ski lift looking down at mountain bikers who were embarking down the mountain at Winter Park, Colorado, I wondered: “why are they going so slow? Surely, I can go faster!” I found myself not being able to just blaze down the hill at whatever speed I pleased, needing to absorb each bump and rut in my path, and this is what the well-honed suspension and extra protection are for on this build: assuring that you can not damage the truck during a demanding day of slickrock or all-out trailblazing.

What features renders the AEV’s Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison up to the challenge?

A Warn Winch

A warn winch is one of the most practical applications to be armed and dangerous with when you are headed straight into demanding turf! Warn has been building their well-earned reputation since 1948. They are known for their deep-seeded passion for off-roading as well as their legendary durability. Here you’ll be incorporating the rugged and dependable Warn 9.5xp – s for the ZR2 Bison. Or, the Warn Zeon 10-S for the ZR2, without affecting the truck’s cooling process.

Highmark Flares

Highmark flares are there for you when it comes to much-needed clearance. They also assure that you are covered for tires larger than 35”. They don’t affect the factory-tuned suspension in the least, which is currently one of the best in the business. This set of Highmarks allows you to maintain a lower center of gravity during the ride. It also comes with LED marker lights integrated into the front and rear.

The AEV Snorkel Kit’s

The AEV snorkel kit’s design was inspired by the brave individuals that defend our freedom in the military service. Essentially, it draws in the absolute most purified air possible. When conditions get really nasty, the self-cleaning Sy-Klone Pre-filter has been tested in landfills and the worst of the worst as far as trenches are concerned. It uses its very own patented centrifugal force technology to give you the most run time possible.

The Crestone DualSport Wheels: 

The Crestone Dualsport Wheels are an addition that quickly comes to life on your ride. It hits the spot like amazing BBQ or cold one after a day’s mudding. They are custom-made, especially for this capable Colorado ZR2. You can easily add a Beadlock ring that jives just right with the low tire pressure needed for boulders and gnarly approach angles. The living and breathing definition of “not playing around”. They made of heat-treated cast aluminum for epic strength and lightweight appeal.

The Custom Rear Bumper

The custom rear bumper upgrade is not the first thing that admirers on the trail may necessarily notice. However, we guarantee these are extra special. Just like that secret spot east of the fire road you want to burn up when you get off work! Aluminum recovery points are included to accommodate anchor shackles to get you unstuck. The bumpers are even powder coated. This ensures that future years of hardcore trail hounding won’t wear down your rear protection.

Wouldn’t you love to own an edges of the Earth conquering and 100% aggro truck like this? Tell us in the comments where you’d take it to try it out! Or let us know just how wicked of a job AEV does with all their other builds. Don’t forget to pop in and read this blog as well to get an idea about what other types of killer off-road vehicles there are to choose from.

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  1. This company has certainly built some amazing trucks and jeeps! Good point about not being able to let loose on the winter park mountain.. rough terrain can knock you off in a heartbeat!

  2. AEV really knows how to complete a bulletproof set up…This is as durable as a vehicle can I’m interested in their jeeps too for sure!

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