Ford Bronco Heritage Edition

Prepare The Cabin For Landing! 2024 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition

Many off-road enthusiasts think that ALL Bronco editions are proper throwbacks to the sensational original! Diehard truck fans wondered if retro-themed editions were just another amped-up sales pitch. The Motor Trend review crew discovered that the 2024 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition was much more than a hurriedly slapped-on badge! 

2024 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition

This edition offers awesome new white paint, steel front and rear bumpers, and custom steel-look wheels. Even the most basic black hue looks delightfully wicked! The Heritage model can be had in two or 4-door models. Wilderness-roving purists will love the fact that it’s available with a manual as well. One feature that comes on every model is the very cool Co-Pilot 360 Driver Assistance Suite. 

Treading Where Few Dare: Bronco with Sasquatch Power

The 2024 Bronco’s Sasquatch Package preps things ideally for the ultimate off-road assault. You’ll be attacking the trail with front and rear locking differentials, as well as a front bash plate. Conquering the dirt will be a breeze with 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT tires! The included 4Auto mode makes things easy to live with on pavement to boost.

The Sasquatch Pack’s softer tire sidewalks do a fantastic job of absorbing road impact. As you accelerate, slow down, and take corners, you’ll notice some trademark jiggle! It eventually becomes easier to predict how much “loose shake” to expect. The steering precision the Bronco offers allows you to point and shoot the truck right where you want it.

Playtime, Anytime: The Bronco’s Everyday Appeal:

This particular test vehicle had a turbocharged 4-cylinder and 10-speed automatic. They zipped up to 60 mph in 7.3 seconds on their favorite test track. Then they executed a nose down from 60 mph in just 133 feet. Since the Bronco features an overweight demeanor, this is an admirable feat.

Stepping up to the 2.7-liter V6 juices things up with an extra 30 horsepower! This is not a vehicle known for stellar fuel economy, but its confident acceleration and hefty exhaust note are worth it. The Bronco is an excellent vehicle for anyone looking to escape life’s responsibilities. The Bronco also enjoys being a rare two-door that is still suitable for a family vehicle. 

The Large-Wheeled Classic In An Ultramodern Light: 

If you happen to be lodged in a retail store for a quick errand run during rush hour, the 100.4-inch wheelbase makes things quite easy to park. There is not nearly as much wind noise in this two-door hard-top as in Broncos of years past. The Motor Trend team’s final thoughts were that Ford has definitely taken a great vehicle and made it even better here.

As the review team took their long-awaited look, they had heaps of praise for the Bronco. Its impressive all-terrain capability and off-road tech were their extreme high points. Having a removable roof and doors can sway many loyal Jeep followers as well. They also found every trim level’s being equipped with a 12-inch touchscreen to be a huge selling point!

Behind The Bucking Beast’s Wheel: How Does It Drive?

Even though the Bronco is quite far from a luxury vehicle, there are a few unique extras that make it a bit more comfortable on pavement than its rivals. The competing Jeep Wrangler has gone down in history as a capable and boulder-smashing contender. The Bronco’s truck-based construction offers a very firm quality to each daily drive.

We recognize that the wind noise experienced in the Bronco has dragged its ratings down in some circles. This is to be expected from a wide and squared-off ride that can crush boulders in its sleep! Reviewers who have frowned on noise and vibration have to understand that these traits are an “occupational hazard!”  

Terrain-Tackling Digs: What to Expect Inside the 2024 Bronco

Getting into the Bronco may require a hefty step up! Grab handles are right there to help, and here you’ll be building up excitement for the dune-smashing to follow. Ample headroom makes the Bronco’s interior feel just right, and the adjustable drive modes are on standby to optimize traction allotment. 

Here it should be noted that the Bronco looks as if it is consistently ready to conquer a hillside, but is known for being a bit better on pavement than Jeeps. The manual transmission is a huge draw for true wilderness hounds, and it exists as one of the best off-roaders today. The Bronco’s roll cage also has a much more open feel when held up against the Jeep Wrangler.

What do you think of the new Ford Bronco Heritage Edition? Did the notable Jeep camp put out a more capable product, or does Ford’s off-roader fit the bill for the extreme stuff? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or check out another article about their very sweet and rowdy Raptor!

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